Digitate’s New Generative AI Capability Unlocks Innovation and Delivers Greater Agility Across Enterprises

Digitate offers advanced, generative AI-driven use cases to scale automation and maximize user experience

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digitate, a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise software for IT and business operations, today strengthened its AI offerings with the launch of new generative AI capabilities, empowering organizations to accelerate their automation agenda with a context-aware knowledge accelerator and maximize user experience using an integrated AI-powered assistant.

ignio™ – Digitate’s flagship AIOps product – has long been at the forefront of combining AI and automation to propel enterprises toward autonomous operations. By leveraging large language models (LLMs) to extract information from various sources, it creates a comprehensive enterprise context, gaining a deep understanding of each organization’s unique environment, challenges, and objectives. This context-aware approach allows ignio™ to optimize automation through situation and technology-specific actions, delivering tailored and efficient solutions that fuel enterprise agility, resiliency, and innovation.

“At Digitate, our mission is to empower enterprises with state-of-the-art technologies to help them deliver on their business commitments. With the introduction of the Knowledge Accelerator and AI Assist, we are proud to lead the industry toward a new era of autonomous operations and exceptional user experiences,” said Akhilesh Tripathi, CEO of Digitate. “These cutting-edge features powered by Generative AI exemplify our commitment to driving innovation and value for our customers.”

Elevating Automation Knowledge and Technology Models with the Knowledge Accelerator

ignio™ has been using Natural Language Processing and Text Mining tools for context and knowledge creation from structured and unstructured data sources. Using the power of generative AI, ignio™ can now boost the Knowledge Accelerator to capture enterprise context, technology models, and generate last-mile automation such as resource provisioning, service configurations, and patch management. This allows ignio™ to easily adapt to technological changes and accelerate the automation of lifecycle-specific service operations on-the-fly. By offering bespoke, context-aware technologies, ignio™ ensures that each organization benefits from optimal performance and efficiency. The Knowledge Accelerator marks a new era in automation knowledge generation, enabling enterprises to achieve unmatched operational excellence on their autonomous journey.

Achieving Enhanced User Experience with the AI Assist

Digitate has been delivering enhanced user experience with explainable intelligence, customized reporting, and notifications, among others. Now, Digitate is taking user experience to the next level with its new AI Assist, an intelligent conversation engine designed to offer plain language explanations of diagnosis and resolutions, as well as insights for continuous improvements generated by ignio™. The AI Assist embodies a seamless human-machine interaction paradigm, leveraging generative AI’s ability to understand language, capture context, and learn from feedback. As a result, it presents analytics insights in a much simpler and intuitive way, leading to faster incident resolutions and proactive problem management.

Through the AI Assist, ignio™ becomes an invaluable ally to users, guiding them through intricate processes, helping them sift through countless analytics insights and make data-driven decisions with confidence and ease. The AI Assist marks a significant leap forward in collaboration between humans and AI, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations for enterprises.

For more information on Digitate’s new generative AI capabilities, sign up for our webinar on August 30 at 9 a.m. PST.

About Digitate

Digitate is a leading software provider bringing agility, assurance, and resiliency to IT and business operations. Digitate’s flagship product, ignio™, is an award-winning AIOps solution that reimagines the enterprise business landscape with its distinctive closed-loop approach. It combines context, insights, and intelligent automation to resolve and prevent issues autonomously. Our customers span multiple industries and include global enterprises that are leaders and innovators. To stay up to date on ignio™ news and learn how our clients across the globe have benefited from our innovative solutions, visit us at www.digitate.com and follow Digitate on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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