Groundbreaking AI-Powered Dermatology Practice Launches in Massachusetts, Meets Unprecedented Demand

The MIT-founded company has been adding hundreds of patients per month since launching

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Piction Health Dermatology, the pioneering AI-enabled dermatology virtual clinic, is announcing its official launch to Massachusetts residents. This groundbreaking service leverages cutting-edge technology developed at MIT to deliver the highest-quality dermatological care directly to patients, without the waitlists or costs associated with clinic visits.

Piction’s unique virtual clinic merges the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the expertise of top board-certified dermatologists. Patients simply complete a short medical intake questionnaire online and add 3 or more high quality images of their skin concern. Then the case is evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist within 2 days. The practice uses their database of over 500,000 images to streamline care and improve quality of care.

The company’s virtual clinic is powered by advanced AI, which has been trained to recognize a multitude of skin conditions. This aids dermatologists in distinguishing skin conditions accurately and quickly, leading to faster treatment plans for patients. This revolutionary approach increases patient access to specialist care and reduces the time between initial consultation and treatment.

Board-certified dermatologists make all final decisions. In two-thirds of cases, the answer is clear enough that the patient receives a treatment plan without an in-person visit referral – a dramatic level of streamlining of care that truly revolutionizes the dermatologic experience. In other cases where in-person care is needed, the Piction Health Dermatology team aids their patients in getting care quickly in-person.

At the age of 22, when Piction’s CEO, Susan Conover, wanted to get a strange-looking mole checked out, she was told it would take three months to see a dermatologist. When the mole was finally biopsied, doctors determined it was indeed cancerous. At the time, no one could be sure the cancer hadn’t spread to other parts of her body. This motivated her to act – both to improve the dermatologic experience and to free up dermatologists’ time so they can focus on finding and treating cancers and other life-threatening skin diseases.

“Our mission is to break down barriers by making dermatology services readily available to everyone, with 90% less friction,” said Susan Conover, CEO. “With our rapidly growing virtual clinic, we’re enabling people to receive expert dermatological care right in the comfort of their own homes.”

“Piction has built a patient-first dermatology clinic that makes AI useful to the average healthcare consumer. The rapid uptake by patients shows that a wide variety of people are comfortable with this mode of care delivery – from younger digital natives who may avoid care altogether if it weren’t for Piction, to older Americans more accustomed to traditional visits,” said Dr. Joseph Kvedar, a past chair of the American Telemedicine Association and professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School.

The broader launch in Massachusetts, along with UnitedHealth insurance coverage, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in dermatological care. As Piction continues to expand, it will further its mission to democratize access to dermatology, bringing top-tier skin care to patients wherever they are.

About Piction Health Dermatology

Piction Health Dermatology, formerly LuminDx, is a virtual dermatology clinic that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to provide accessible, high-quality dermatological care. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing the dermatology field by leveraging technology to improve access to care and create a patient-centered approach to skin health.


Cameron D. Jacox

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