MF & Co Launches New Index Analytics Portal For CRTx® Index

Expanded CRTx® Index Suite and Flat Fee Index Licensing Accompany The New Portal Launch

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mark Fontanilla & Co., LLC (MF & Co) announced today the launch of its advanced index analytics digital platform, the CRTx® Index Portal, for the company’s flagship CRTx® (Credit Risk Transfer Return Tracking Index) Index Suite.

With this new portal, the company is also adding index variations to its comprehensive CRTx® bond index family, in addition to introducing a flat fee structure for benchmark index licensing.

The state-of-the-art index analytics platform is powered by MF & Co’s proprietary Hyper Neural AI™, which combines expert human intelligence with highly optimized artificial intelligence methods. The CRTx® Index Portal provides innovative index insights, including decomposition of total returns, key risk/reward measures, index-eligible market supply metrics, and dynamic sub-indexing on the fly, all at virtually the speed of thought using the firm’s Configurator Cube™ process.

In conjunction with the launch, MF & Co is introducing several other product updates:

  • New M1, M2, B1, B2, & B bond class index configurations have been added to the CRTx® Index Suite, and are only available via the CRTx® Index Portal.
  • Index benchmark licensing for the CRTx® and other proprietary indexes is now based on a much simpler flat fee structure, instead of the traditional percentage fee format, providing cost-effective economies of scale for index licensees.

“The CRTx® Index Portal provides the ability to get faster, more dynamic insights into index performance than ever before. The expanded CRTx® variants on the portal include the new B1 and B2 indexes, which are up 13.40% and 27.20% respectively year to date, adding enhanced scope to an already-comprehensive CRTx® Index Suite. These updates, plus the economic benefit from introducing straightforward flat fee benchmark licensing, exemplify our platform’s innovation, efficiency and scalability,” said Mark Fontanilla, founder of MF & Co.

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