StructuredWeb’s ChannelGPT Officially Goes Live with Launch of EditAI Module

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–StructuredWeb, the leading provider of enterprise-grade through-channel marketing automation (TCMA), announced today that ChannelGPT is now live and available for customers worldwide. The platform’s premier module, EditAI, is now available — offering unparalleled content modification and translation capabilities, with more innovative modules slated for future release in the coming months.

ChannelGPT is not just an addition but a reinvention. With its full-scale integration of avant-garde generative AI, the platform promises to redefine how vendors and partners devise, adapt, and distribute channel marketing content. This state-of-the-art tool, seamlessly woven into StructuredWeb’s flagship TCMA platform, leverages the power of Generative AI, but built for channel marketers, facilitates more meaningful and dynamic engagements within the channel’s complex partner ecosystems.

Daniel Nissan, founder & CEO of StructuredWeb, remarked, “Our journey has always been about innovation. With ChannelGPT, we are embarking on perhaps the most transformative phase in the TCMA space. We’re championing a shift in how vendors and their partners collaborate, providing them with the tools to create, manage, and distribute bespoke marketing assets more intelligently and efficiently.”

EditAI leverages Generative AI to tailor marketing assets specifically for a target audience based on their industry, business size, or unique challenges they face. Concurrently, Translate AI assists content managers by providing high-quality translations and rewrites, ensuring content resonates with local audiences in their native languages.

ChannelGPT offers a streamlined experience. Vendors upload core sales, marketing, and product materials, which the platform then digests, using its AI core to craft an extensive range of marketing collateral tailored for their partners. This means partners, upon login, can input their distinctive value propositions, and instantly receive marketing assets that resonate perfectly with their unique strategies and market approaches.

Chief Analyst at Canalys, Jay McBain added, “Channel leaders should be piloting generative AI technologies in the second half of 2023 to improve marketing to, through, and with their partners as well as automating onboarding, development, incentives, measurements, and reselling/co-selling enablement.”

ChannelGPT’s launch marks a pivotal change in channel marketing. It emphasizes tailored partner outreach, crafting each marketing asset to reflect a partner’s unique ethos and audience. Advanced AI drives efficiency, slashing time and costs in content creation. The platform supports mass customization, allowing vendors to meet diverse partner needs while equipping partners to distinctly highlight their value propositions and the benefits of vendor products in the market.

For more information about StructuredWeb’s ChannelGPT and how it can revolutionize your channel marketing efforts, visit our EditAI page or

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