WellStack Joins Snowflake Partner Network to Accelerate Analytics Journey through AI and ML Solutions

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WellStack, a leading provider of healthcare data and analytics solutions, today announced its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to help healthcare organizations accelerate their analytics journey and drive stronger outcomes. WellStack’s low-code/no-code analytics platform leverages Snowflake to enable healthcare organizations to rapidly ingest, integrate, and standardize enterprise-wide data from varied sources and formats and significantly expands the data usability.

Healthcare data is being generated at exponential rates, and healthcare analytics use cases are becoming increasingly complex. The WellStack platform helps healthcare providers, payers, and collaboratives keep up with the industry’s rapid data growth transformation, delivering an analytics solution quickly and reliably with its low-code/no-code approach. By partnering with Snowflake, WellStack can take full advantage of the Snowflake Data Cloud’s expansive data storage, processing, capabilities, providing exponential performance improvement, greater flexibility, and unlimited scalability for clients.

“Our goal is to accelerate the digital transformation at an affordable cost and with fewer dedicated client resources. We want to bring in AI and Machine Learning solutions that can provide more insights and solve complex healthcare problems,” said Ravi Kalla, Founder and CEO for WellStack.

WellStack is an out-of-the-box healthcare data analytics platform that fast-tracks the data integration and standardization process with predictable success at half the cost. The WellStack platform helps accelerate innovation by integrating an industry-leading data and analytic framework with AI/ML strategies geared towards the ultimate healthcare goal: improving quality of care, and driving business and operational excellence.

“With Snowflake, we were able to get a substantial performance uplift, which has made a significant impact on user satisfaction specific to performance and response time,” said Nilesh Patil, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer for WellStack. “Healthcare organizations can benefit from our ready to deploy, proven analytics solution in weeks with predictable outcomes.”

By partnering with Snowflake, WellStack has positioned its platform as the healthcare data analytics solution of the future. As WellStack continues its journey of advancing healthcare analytics, the Snowflake Data Cloud will play an important role in enabling AI and ML solutions that focus on predictability, accuracy and timeliness towards improving patient health and reducing the cost of care.

About WellStack

WellStack offers healthcare organizations a modern, out-of-the-box data ecosystem that creates a single source of truth necessary for enterprise-wide decision-making. With a low-code/no-code approach, WellStack democratizes healthcare data and accelerates analytics by providing multi-channel data access to decision-makers, analysts, and researchers with varying technical skills. This strategy helps organizations maximize resource utilization by simplifying report development and analysis, resulting in a jumpstart on their data science journey with the flexibility to innovate and scale to meet future demands.


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