500 Global Brings Policy, Tech and Venture Capital Together for the Next Decade of Innovation

On October 5th, 2023 the UpNext Summit will bring policymakers, investors, asset allocators and thought leaders together with the aim of advancing social and economic impact

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–500 Global, one of the world’s most active venture capital firms1, whose portfolio includes notable technology companies including Canva, GitLab, and Grab, announced a new summit bringing together venture capital investors, asset allocators, innovators, and policymakers to discuss a shared future for technology and innovation. The future of venture capital asks stakeholders to become more active in designing strategies and policies that ignite social and economic value. The UpNext Summit on Oct. 5th in Washington D.C., will bring together stakeholders for a global dialogue that aims to lead to action. During the event, 500 Global will unveil its new research, the 500 Global Rise Report, which presents a blueprint for innovation in emerging and established markets alike.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Chris Yeh – Investor, Mentor, Co-author of Blitzscaling with Reid Hoffman
  • Bobby Franklin – President, NVCA
  • Alifia Doriwala – Partner and Chief Investment Officer at RockCreek
  • Shu Nyatta – Founder & Managing Partner, Bicycle Capital
  • Magdalena Coronel – Chief Investment Officer, IDB Lab
  • Dami Osunsanya – Opportunity Fund, Founded by SoftBank Group
  • Ham Serunjogi – CEO and Cofounder, Chipper Cash
  • Henry Ward CEO, Carta
  • Edith Yeung – General Partner, Race Capital
  • Kola Owodunni – CIO at the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority
  • L. Felice Gorordo – Alternate Executive Director, The World Bank
  • Eleni Gabre-Madhin – Chief Innovation Officer, Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP
  • HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar – Saudi Ambassador to the United States
  • Areije Al Shakar – Director & Fund Manager, Al Waha

“The next decade of tech innovation and venture capital will be global first. We believe our imperative as investors, policymakers, and thought leaders is to work together in fostering innovation around the world and creating lasting positive impact,” said Christine Tsai, CEO and Founding Partner at 500 Global.

Global markets have differing views on the level of positive impact technology brings, but many continue to see innovation and entrepreneurship as an important path to prosperity and economic growth. Tech companies feel challenged to navigate an asymmetrical global regulatory landscape, and policymakers are challenged to find the right balance between concerns such as security, privacy, innovation, and economic growth. UpNext is designed to be a forum where these stakeholders can highlight the most pressing issues of today in creating a sustainable ecosystem that promotes innovation and global growth while boosting competitiveness and ensuring national security.

“Achieving the Silicon Valley dream doesn’t mean following the same playbook,” said Courtney Powell, COO and Managing Partner at 500 Global. “We believe harnessing the collective potential of all stakeholders to create sustainable startup ecosystems that effectively serve the needs of these rising economies requires a collaborative approach.”

The agenda for the event includes four summit segments that dive into:

  • Rise of a New Era of Global Tech: Explore tech’s global landscape and some of the policy challenges. How can the investment community support a shared future for technology and innovation?
    • Evolving VC and Policy for Innovation
    • US vs. China: A Race for Tech Supremacy?
    • The Global Opportunity
  • Rise of the Next Global Companies: Explore the acceleration of startup activity worldwide and the rise of global unicorns.
    • Investing in Diverse Founders, Geographies, and Portfolios for Impact and Innovation
    • Developing Infrastructure for Entrepreneurship
  • The Rise of the Next Global Economies: Discover the fast-growing Rise Economies that play a role in reshaping the global economic landscape.
    • Africa on the Rise: Developing Sustainable Innovation Ecosystems
    • Latin American Innovation
    • The Reinvention of the Middle East
    • Southeast Asian Success
  • Rise of the Next Sectors: Explore impressive technology advancements and their impact on future industries.
    • Quantum Computing: Supporting Green Growth
    • Blockchain Challenges in Shaping Our New Economic Paradigm
    • Teaching AI to be Better

Additional comments from esteemed speakers include:

  • “As it relates to public policy, today’s entrepreneurial ecosystem faces both unprecedented challenges and immense opportunities. UpNext is an excellent example of the industry-wide engagement that will be necessary to take advantage of possibilities and limit downsides.” – Bobby Franklin, President, National Venture Capital Association
  • “We are at an incredible inflection point for innovation and it’s our job to accelerate, enable and support these companies whose ideas will change our future. I can’t wait to see what new possibilities and new owners will bring into the world in the coming years.” – Henry Ward, CEO of Carta
  • “The next era of venture capital and innovation is poised to see continued growth and diversification, with a heightened role for institutional investors like sovereign wealth funds, driving global technological advancements and economic transformation.” – Kola Owodunni, CIO at the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority
  • “Innovation is what powers our global economy. Venture capital is the best window into what the future holds for sectors where innovation is rapidly making advancements that will help our people and planet.” – Alifia Doriwala, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at RockCreek
  • “Venture Capital and Innovation is at the center of not only the alternative investment industry but also on the agenda of transformational institutions, corporations, and nations. By understanding and investing in venture capital you are contributing to the innovation locally and globally.” – Areije Al Shakar, Director & Fund Manager, Al Waha

To see the full speakers list, agenda and to request an invitation, visit: https://events.500.co/upnext.

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1Based on PitchBook’s 2022 Global League Tables: https://pitchbook.com/news/articles/global-league-tables-2022-annual


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