AI Content Creation Leader Writesonic Launches Human-Like Voice Generation Product Audiosonic

The Easy-to-Use and Free Product Integrates AI Content Creation with Text-to-Speech for Businesses and Individuals

New York, September 14, 2023 – Writesonic, leader in AI-powered content solutions for individuals and businesses, launches ‘Audiosonic,’ a free AI voice generator that turns text into engaging and human-like audio in seconds. Offering unparalleled ease in generating conversion-optimized content for blog posts, ads, emails, podcasts, and more, Audiosonic is the future of integrated text and voice generation technology. This innovative text-to-speech product integrates with Writesonic’s suite of offerings providing AI text generation capabilities, human-like audio conversion and language translation that allows users to reach various audiences. 

“We strive to offer holistic, easy-to-use solutions to our individual users and businesses. We’re excited to bring to market our latest offering, Audiosonic, which marries conversion-optimized content creation with life like text-to-speech capabilities,” said Samanyou Garg, Founder and CEO of Writesonic. “Whether turning a blog post into a podcast, marketing copy into an audio advertisement, or a book into an e-learning material, Writesonic’s technology now makes that possible for free, with the click of a button.” 

Audiosonic is designed to play an integral role in making the process of information delivery more efficient and interactive. This technology offers assistance to those with visual disabilities and can help with navigation. It also enhances e-learning with audio narration making learning more engaging for students. From an entertainment lens, Audiosonic can also be used for creating audiobooks, providing a cost-effective alternative for publishers or in the world of online gaming. When it comes to business, text-to-speech tech can boost customer service by powering virtual assistants and chatbots with the ability to instantly respond to customer inquiries with a human-like feel.

The introduction of Audiosonic enhances Writesonic’s comprehensive suite of AI-driven content creation tools. Writesonic’s existing offerings including Chatsonic which uses GPT-4 for interactive AI driven conversations — AI Article Writer; for in-depth content — and now Audiosonic which provides advanced text-to-speech features, creates a one-stop-shop for all content needs and users. For more details about Audiosonic’s end-to-end audio content features, please visit

About Writesonic

Writesonic is on a mission to revolutionize the way people write and process information by making the power of artificial intelligence easy and accessible. A Y-Combinator-backed venture, Writesonic provides various core offerings including Chatsonic and Audiosconic specializing in AI-powered content and voice solutions for both businesses and individuals. At the core of its innovation Writesonic leverages cutting-edge natural language processing and GPT-4 technology, setting Writesonic as the industry benchmark for quality and innovation.Since inception in 2020, Writesonic has earned significant recognition including TechRadar’s “Best AI Writer” award in 2021 and 2022. For more information about Writesonic please visit,

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