Data as an Asset Class Accelerated with Gulp Data and Eagle Alpha Partnership

New partnership will increase access to data valuation and monetization tools for SMEs, startups and enterprises  

San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 7th, 2023 – Gulp Data, the leader in data-backed loans, and Eagle Alpha, a leading provider of alternative data solutions to buyers and vendors, today announced their partnership to ensure that business owners have more ways to monetize their data and access fast, dilution-free funding. 

This relationship will help more SMEs and large corporations monetize their datasets and add data to the balance sheet as an asset. Companies will be able to unlock the value tied up in company data through access to industry-leading expertise and secure data platforms. 

Gulp Data is on a mission to bring data-backed lending to the mainstream, solidify data as a leverageable asset, and enable companies of all sizes globally unlock the value in their datasets. Gulp has been pioneering Data as an Asset™ class since late 2021, partnering with a network of forward flow partners with the goal of lending more than $100M over the next year. 

“Through our partnership with Gulp Data, we look forward to further supporting corporates and SMEs by opening up access to our all-in-one platform – providing a secure and compliant way for investors to view new data sources and to reduce the friction points for corporates wishing to access the investment and financial services vertical. Our platform represents the industry standard for discovery, due diligence and backtesting processes related to alternative data. This partnership represents a 20% increase in data providing entities on our platform with the addition of 250+ new corporate data providers to our platform. Within the partnership, we wish to accelerate the journey from a corporate’s monetization decision to data access by leading buyers in the investment vertical. We look forward to working with Gulp Data’s client base in this regard,” said Niall Hurley, CEO at Eagle Alpha. 

First adopted by alpha-seeking hedge funds over 10 years ago, alternative data is now being sought for use in the wider asset management space, as well as the private equity and corporate verticals.

Eagle Alpha, founded in 2012, was one of the first companies to recognize the value from these new alternative data sources and has been investing in educating and connecting alternative data vendors and buyers, in the process building trusted relationships with both sides of this market.

“We’re extremely proud to announce our new partnership with Eagle Alpha to ensure that our customers can access more ways to monetize their data. Eagle Alpha leads the industry when it comes to compliance best practices and this partnership marks an important chapter for the growth of Gulp Data,” said Lauren Cascio, Founding Partner at Gulp Data.

Since May 2022, Gulp Data has completed over 1,000 data valuations. Gulp Data’s clients and partners include Fortune 100 companies and preeminent global consulting firms.

About Gulp Data

Founded in 2021, Gulp Data is a provider of data-backed loans and data valuations. Powered by proprietary machine learning, the company can perform rapid data valuations to accelerate data monetization efforts, with the capability to offer non-dilutive loans using copies of the borrowers’ data as collateral. Capable of pre-approving a loan in just 24 hours, the company operates globally and offers its services to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their size. For more information, please visit  

About Eagle Alpha

Established in 2012, Eagle Alpha is the pioneer connecting the universe of alternative data. We are the leading alternative data aggregation platform with supporting advisory services for data buyers and data vendors.  For more information, please visit

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