KRYZ LP FM Radio Adopts Atsign’s Networking 2.0 Infrastructure and SSH No Ports to Secure Radio Tower Operations

Station Implements Major Security Improvements After Radio Station’s Programming Disrupted with Scandinavian Rock

MARIPOSA, Calif., Sept. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Atsign, a pioneer in Networking 2.0 solutions, announced KRYZ radio has adopted the Atsign Networking 2.0 Platform to secure the station’s radio tower network from hackers. The move to Atsign came after the California station’s network programming was mysteriously switched to a Swedish radio station feed playing Scandinavian Rock. The disruption took the radio station several hours to correct.

Immediately after the incident, KRYZ reached out to Colin Constable, Atsign’s CTO and frequent KRYZ listener for assistance. Atsign and KRYZ worked together to implement a security solution that closes all of the tower’s network attack surfaces (i.e. no listening network ports) yet still allows KRYZ to receive crucial operational data from the tower so they can easily and remotely monitor their tower’s health and status. Additionally, using SSH No Ports, the station’s administrator can still access the network to administer and update the crucial network.

“The whole instance had us confused for a while. Fortunately, the Scandinavian Rock situation was fairly innocuous, but it opened our eyes to our vulnerabilities and far worse things that could have occurred,” said Kevin Bowman, Station Co-ordinator of KRYZ. “We are grateful to Atsign for securing our network and providing a way to monitor our tower remotely. The security solution they implemented has given us so much peace of mind knowing that our tower is safe from attack that we invited Colin to join our board as our CTO.”

“Integrating Atsign’s Networking 2.0 security technology was extremely easy and we were happy to help out,” said Colin Constable, Atsign’s CTO. “With our technology we’ve closed all listening network ports making it virtually impossible for hackers to access their network, enabled them to remotely access and administer their systems via SSH No Ports, and protected their data by encrypting their data at its origin by cutting keys at the edge and making it only readable by the intended recipients.”

About Atsign

Atsign is a leading provider of Networking 2.0 infrastructure, software solutions, and SDKs. The company’s mission is to make the Internet more secure, private, and accessible for everyone while greatly reducing network complexity. Atsign’s products are based on the promise of a new approach to networking using public key cryptography and microservices.


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