Output Introduces Quick Projects, a New Feature to Help Customers Fast-Track Business Ideas Into Valuable Solutions

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Output, the leading business innovation accelerator, today launched a new featured enhancement, Quick Projects, to shepherd potentially valuable business ideas to fruition with greater speed.

In a 2023 survey by Boston Consulting Group, over 40% of companies expect to significantly increase spending on innovation this year, and nearly 80% ranked innovation among their top three priorities, rising four percentage points from 2022. Corporate leaders, HR departments, and innovation teams know that big ambitious projects can help fulfill this goal, but many smaller yet promising ideas subject to the same process can get lost in the shuffle, or even die on the vine. With its streamlined functionality, Quick Projects empowers leaders to assign, validate, and implement ideas that don’t warrant the red tape and other barriers that can stall meaningful change. The collective influence of these ideas can yield substantial impact.

“For eight years we have had great success in helping companies encourage more engagement through a turnkey process that has produced significant results,” said Dan Pichette, executive vice president of Output. “Inspired by input from our customers and the recognition that some ideas can be fast-tracked through a streamlined process, we launched Quick Projects to offer a greater degree of speed and simplicity to our solutions.”

Quick Projects further fulfills Output’s core mission of nurturing corporate innovation, mitigating the risk that great ideas often die in vain, by engaging employees and managing the efficient development of ideas into solutions.
Some of Quick Projects’ key features and functionality includes:

  • Digital Kanban boards to visualize, organize, and track projects
  • Content and category tagging capabilities for management and reporting
  • Simplified team creation user assignment
  • Easy accessibility through a showcase section on the Output home page

Some ideas can be done in days while others take longer; it depends on the size and complexity of the idea. The goal is to develop an appropriate array of small, medium, and large engagement challenges so organizations can remove bottlenecks and move from ideas to outcomes with lightning speed.

During the beta phase for Quick Projects, a number of ideas were proposed, organized, and efficiently brought to fruition by several Output clients. Some of these solutions which all addressed a corporate need or issue included the development of QR/VR business cards, dashboards for data, software plugin integration, a software license manager, and workflow mapping. “These are small yet beneficial solutions that first verified the accelerated model of Quick Projects, and with the official release of the feature today, we expect that many more ideas will blossom across our full breadth of clients worldwide,” added Pichette.

About Output

Founded in September 2015, Output helps organizations develop successful products and services, document and improve business processes, motivate and engage employees, and manage innovation at scale. For more information, please visit Output.co.

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