Retool Announces Retool AI—Making Generative AI Actionable for Every Business

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retool, the leading development platform for business software, today announced Retool AI, a suite of capabilities powered by OpenAI that help businesses build secure generative AI apps and workflows in Retool. By embedding these tools, Retool is addressing some of the most significant time, resource, and security constraints teams experience when building AI-powered software from scratch.

“Most enterprises we speak to are stuck in mockups, prototypes, and other simulations of how AI can be applied to their business. But very few have been able to quickly and securely vet AI-powered use cases with real data and real users,” said Jamie Cuffe, Product Lead at Retool. “Retool is already the trusted platform for millions of apps and workflows for companies ranging from Fortune 10s to fast-growing startups. Our focus with Retool AI is to help developers and businesses bring AI-powered use cases to life today, not in a few quarters.”

From idea to production in minutes, not months

Retool AI enables developers to design, develop, and deploy AI-powered applications and workflows quickly in one platform—instead of having to build with LLMs across several tools and many sprints. This suite of capabilities includes pre-built connectors for LLMs and APIs, pre-built AI building blocks, and hosted vector storage to make functionality like building a knowledge base Q&A bot possible in minutes. The goal is to help developers build production-grade AI-powered use cases faster—without having to become experts in AI technology or governance.

  • Retool is an open platform: Customers can get started with Retool’s native OpenAI integration to quickly build AI-powered applications, or connect to any LLM or API based on business needs.
  • Retool makes AI actionable: Retool’s AI Actions make common use cases like text summarization, classification, image generation, and dozens more possible in just a few clicks.
  • Securely access business data: Retool’s vector store helps make LLMs aware of business information without compromising proprietary info, a growing concern with the ubiquity of AI platforms and challenges around training them. Retool AI simplifies the process of Ingesting text from any website, document, or SaaS tool to build bespoke AI-powered chat experiences that know relevant company data.
  • Securely manage access and usage: Retool apps and workflows can run in the cloud or a private VPC. Audit logs, permissions, version control, and more come out-of-the-box so customers can securely deploy LLM use cases inside their company’s network.

Making AI actionable for business use cases

Early customers have built thousands of AI-powered applications and workflows using Retool AI, everything from AI-powered chatbots for CX teams to sentiment analysis workflows and sales automation. These use cases were enabled by GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 models from exclusive beta partner OpenAI. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Retool to empower more companies to leverage generative AI across their business,” said Brad Lightcap, Chief Operating Officer at OpenAI. “From reducing manual work to sharing more knowledge to adding new customer-facing capabilities, we believe tools like Retool help businesses put AI into production much faster without compromising safety.” Some of the most popular use cases include:

  • Sales outreach automation: “Retool AI saves our sales team hours of work each week by automating their outreach. We generate personalized messages instantly with AI Actions, with our data from Salesforce, Outreach, and our data warehouse connected to Retool.” – James Evans, CEO, CommandBar
  • AI-powered user experiences: “We use Retool AI to automate the backend of our lead generation web app—sending the user’s input along with prompts and other data to GPT-4, and returning an email with a custom travel itinerary to the user in a few seconds. This runs on autopilot, generating more leads than we expected.” – Pang Jo Fan, Head of Product, Oyen® Insurance
  • Automating operational tasks: “We’ve automated dozens of tasks for our business like categorizing client tickets and summarizing meeting notes with Retool AI. My team saves time to focus on delivering better solutions for our clients instead of managing processes. – Zach Chaitman, Managing Director at Rappid
  • Triaging requests: “Our clients’ emails get triaged, summarized, and turned into tickets automatically with Retool AI, reducing hours of manual work for our team.” – Eric Cogan, Growth Architecture Product Manager, Notable
  • Summarizing product feedback: “We use Retool AI to summarize all of our support tickets in one Retool dashboard, giving our engineering and product teams a quick way to understand how customer needs evolve.” – Dany Bouchard, Strategic Project Leader at gaiia
  • Resolving customer support issues faster: Retool’s support team built an AI bot that resolves a growing percentage of customer tickets automatically. We started with off-the-shelf AI support bots but found they were not able to ingest the range of text sources or support the custom business logic and dynamic prompts needed to deliver high-quality answers. Retool’s support bot now answers a meaningful percentage of support tickets.

Available today

The entire suite of features in Retool AI is now available free to all Retool customers. Businesses that want to accelerate their AI investments can augment their expertise and team with a variety of Retool Professional Services. For more information on Retool AI, please visit

About Retool

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