Smartcat, the Essential Language AI Platform for the Global Enterprise, Launches Multilingual Generative AI Content Creator

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smartcat, the essential language AI platform for the enterprise, today announced the release of its multilingual generative AI content creator, which allows each company to use its own proprietary content as the basis for new content development in all languages.

Unlike publicly available generative AI solutions, Smartcat offers each enterprise its own secure and private workspace (or series of workspaces) in which to store multilingual content, serving as an enterprise-wide content library from which to generate content in any language.

Smartcat learns from every edit from each corporate user via its collaborative editing workflows or through integrations with corporate content systems. This ensures consistency of brand voice, terminology and makes sure that no one needs to make the same edit twice. No one person in an enterprise knows the most up-to-date versions of terminology or messaging, so tapping into an enterprise-wide, multilingual content library in real-time guarantees the most relevant results for any business user. The more users who translate, create, upload and edit content, the deeper the enterprise-specific content resource pool becomes and the higher the quality of AI output.

Smartcat’s client Stanley Black & Decker describes the results of its AI platform in the following way:

Smartcat’s unique AI offering takes advantage of our company’s terminology and brand voice to produce the most accurate and high-quality content. We were able to reduce costs by up to 70%, significantly reduce the turnaround time, and keep quality consistent throughout.”

As the leader in language AI for the enterprise, Smartcat is the only solution to offer a holistic approach to multilingual content, breaking down traditional barriers of linear translation workflows into what it calls Language Intelligence™ which delivers significant and differentiated outcomes:

  • A simple, DIY application fit for any business user
  • Instantaneous generation and translation of any content type or format in any language, versus weeks when outsourcing to service providers
  • Consistent and continuously improving quality
  • Savings of 90%+ compared to outsourcing to service providers
  • AI sourcing of translators and editors on demand based on your internal capacity (via the largest marketplace of professionals in the world, proprietary to Smartcat)

Smartcat’s comprehensive solution means all employees in an enterprise only need one platform to deliver on all of their multilingual content needs. Unlike legacy, project-based human service providers, Smartcat clients get results at a fraction of the cost with better quality in minutes which enables a faster go-to-market and cost-effective global operation. Smartcat client Expondo explains,

When you’re expanding your presence in new markets, you need a solution that can grow with you. We wanted a system that would be able to handle an ever-increasing volume of content without breaking the bank. We’ve been able to increase our productivity by 50% while reducing our outsourcing costs by 50%. This has had a huge impact on our bottom line.”

To get a demo of Smartcat’s multilingual generative AI content creator, go to

About Smartcat

Smartcat is the essential language AI platform for the global enterprise.

Our client-tailored language AI turns content in any format into any language, from documents and videos to complex websites and software, making global operations simple for any corporate team. It also allows any user to create new content by tapping into a multilingual enterprise library.

More than 1,000 global enterprises, including 20% of the Fortune 500, trust Smartcat to communicate their innovations and ideas all over the world.


Andrew Federici

VP Marketing


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