SynMax Announces Acquisition of Gas Vista, Solidifying Its Position in Energy and Maritime Intelligence

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#acquisition–SynMax, a pioneering geospatial intelligence company, announced the successful acquisition of Gas Vista, a premier maritime energy trade flow analytics & visualization company renowned for its innovative LNG product, Leviaton. This strategic acquisition stems from Gas Vista’s advanced technological capabilities, deep industry knowledge, and impressive network. Their core competencies perfectly align with SynMax’s foundational energy and maritime products.

Leviaton, Gas Vista’s flagship product, offers a groundbreaking solution for stakeholders in the commodity, maritime, and carbon sectors. It accurately forecasts physical trade flows, providing live and historical data on cargo movements at sea. By leveraging diverse datasets and proprietary algorithms, including machine learning, satellite feeds, and AIS data, Leviaton predicts crucial information on commodity maritime flows. Leviaton empowers users to anticipate moves in commodity markets and helps them monitor policy changes & geopolitical events with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

“With the acquisition of Gas Vista, SynMax positions itself to combine our industry-leading energy and maritime intelligence technologies to disrupt the traditional ways governments and businesses visualize trade flows.” – Brendan Moore, SynMax CEO

SynMax, known for its innovative geospatial intelligence product suites, aims to revolutionize the energy and maritime industries. Their AI, complemented by industry experts and data scientists, fuses earth observation imagery and critical data sources to deliver comprehensive ground truths, eliminating the need for predictions. The SynMax Energy product suite launched in May 2022, harnesses SynMax’s analytics to provide the most accurate and timely energy intelligence on the market. SynMax Maritime, launching Theia in 2023, is a maritime domain awareness platform that employs data fusion to deliver unparalleled actionable intelligence around dark ships and their activities.

This acquisition combines SynMax’s proprietary data with Gas Vista’s real-time predictive analytics, bolstering Leviaton with cutting-edge dark ship intelligence. SynMax will leverage Gas Vista’s visualization technology and expertise to enhance all its products.

About SynMax:

SynMax is a geospatial intelligence company that harnesses the power of satellite imagery at scale and industry expertise to provide unparalleled intelligence products in the energy and maritime sectors. With a focus on delivering comprehensive ground truths rather than mere predictions, SynMax’s innovative approach sets new standards in the industry.

About Gas Vista:

Gas Vista is a premier maritime energy trade flow analytics company renowned for its pioneering LNG product, Leviaton. By employing advanced algorithms and diverse datasets, Leviaton accurately predicts cargo movements at sea, empowering stakeholders to anticipate changes in commodity markets, policy, and geopolitics with unmatched accuracy. The world-renowned commodity expertise of Leslie Palti-Guzman, combined with Dror Guzman’s seasoned background as a software entrepreneur with extensive experience in machine learning and data analysis, led to the founding of Gas Vista.


Kristen Paz, Director of Operations

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