T2 Reveals Official Brand: Pebble; Opens to the World

Rapidly expanding social platform drops waitlist, introduces AI to expand public conversation

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The growing short-text social media platform known as ‘T2’ has just announced its official name and brand: Pebble. The site, live at pebble.is, is now open to the public. Previously, as T2, the platform was in private beta and only accessible through its waitlist or via direct invites from members.

Pebble was founded by CEO Gabor Cselle, COO Sarah Oh, and CTO Mike Greer as a Trust and Safety-first alternative to platforms that have been overrun with abuse and misinformation in recent years. The platform’s first code was committed at the end of November 2022, and in under ten months the site has attracted thousands of daily users from more than 20 countries worldwide.

“‘T2’ was a domain I grabbed for $7 so we could get up and running, but it was always just a placeholder and never intended to be our true identity. I’m so excited to share with the world that we’re now – officially – Pebble,” said Cselle.

Oh adds: “For us, it’s the perfect name. A pebble is a tiny stone that can create ripples across a whole pond. Together, pebbles form beautiful beaches that draw visitors from all over the world. In many ways, that’s exactly what we’re building.”

As part of the brand transition, Pebble is phasing out its waitlist in favor of a new onboarding process, effectively opening the platform. The team is also rolling out generative AI features starting with its “Ideas” tab – intended to suggest post ideas, and foster more interaction between users.

In addition to founding two previous companies, Cselle served at Twitter and Google in high-level Director and project lead positions. Just prior to co-founding Pebble, Oh served as Lead Domain Expert for Trust and Safety at Twitter. Greer was Discord’s Senior Director of Engineering.

About Pebble

Pebble is a short-text platform for public conversation; initially known by the placeholder name, T2. We are a growing global community that offers a kinder, safer and more fun social experience by leveraging generative AI. Pebble is committed to innovating trust and safety practices that benefit people, communities, creators, and brands. Visit https://pebble.is to join us.


Heath Fradkoff, Ward 6 Marketing


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