Spinnaker Support Unveils Services Update to Further Enhance Third-Party Software Support and Managed Services Offering for Enterprises

-Third-party software support leader introduces three key new features focused on security, AI, and interoperability-

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spinnaker Support (Spinnaker), the third-party software support leader entrusted by over 1,300 global clients, today announced a significant update to its services portfolio in response to growing customer demand. This update aims to offer enterprises greater control over their software support and managed services strategies. In addition, Spinnaker is highlighting The Ultimate Support Guarantee, an industry-first agreement designed to mitigate the perceived risks associated with switching away from Oracle or SAP support.

As part of the company’s most significant services upgrade to date, there are three key features for new and existing customers, all included within Spinnaker’s third-party software support package at no additional cost:

Spinnaker Shield – enables IT leaders to strengthen their organization’s security posture and proactively respond to the constantly evolving security landscape.

Spinnaker Intelligence – is an AI/ML tool that assists with rapid issue resolution. Leveraging a vast quantity of anonymized historical data, Spinnaker Intelligence augments Spinnaker’s expert engineers by enabling them to tap into the collective experience quickly and easily across Spinnaker.

Spinnaker Link – frees enterprises from vendor interoperability restrictions by enabling them to deploy interoperability solutions specific to the organization’s unique IT environment.

Matt Stava, CEO of Spinnaker Support said: “Today’s announcement demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our incredible and growing roster of existing customers. It also serves to make enterprises across the globe aware that there are alternatives when it comes to software support–alternatives that can enable them to drive their organizations forward. This marks a shift in how we communicate the delivery of our solutions to enterprise customers to date.”

“We are pleased to now make expanded services available to serve the needs of enterprises globally and offer them access to our extensive portfolio of third-party support, managed services, consulting, and state-of-the-art security to optimize their software ecosystems,” added Stava.

With Spinnaker Third-Party Software Support, enterprises assume control of their IT roadmap. By trusting Spinnaker to handle software support across their Oracle and SAP environments, organizations free up valuable capital (Spinnaker can deliver savings of up to 62% compared with vendors) to focus on other pressing IT needs and digital transformation projects.

Transitioning support is seamless and low impact, with Spinnaker’s vastly experienced team of Oracle and SAP experts guiding organizations through the process.


Introducing the industry’s first Oracle and SAP software support guarantee – The Ultimate Support Guarantee (USG). Spinnaker’s guarantee for new customers addresses the top concerns, including legal compliance, security, interoperability, license issues or technical issue coverage.

The USG is Spinnaker’s commitment to providing enterprises with the highest standard of service. If Spinnaker fails to deliver the services agreed, or organizations would like to return to Oracle- or SAP-provided support, Spinnaker will facilitate the return, including covering associated costs as outlined in the USG.

“I’m very proud of our Ultimate Support Guarantee, a first in the industry, and the way it offers business leaders the peace of mind they deserve when deciding to move away from the support provided by their software vendors,” says Stava.

With a 96.3% overall customer satisfaction rate, Spinnaker stands by its customers and record of service.

For more information about Spinnaker Support, visit www.spinnakersupport.com.


About Spinnaker Support

Spinnaker Support is entrusted by over 1,300 companies worldwide to solve their most pressing and essential enterprise software needs.

Spinnaker Support experts provide an extensive services portfolio of third-party support, managed services, consulting, and state-of-the-art security to optimize clients’ software ecosystems. They support Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, Salesforce, and Microsoft – freeing up valuable capital and resources so customers can maximize the security and performance of their enterprise software ecosystem with certainty. With Spinnaker, enterprises are empowered to make software decisions based on their business initiatives rather than their enterprise software provider’s roadmap.


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