Lumenova AI Introduces the Generative AI Control Hub – The Complete Platform for AI Governance, Assessment, and Risk Management

Glendale, California–(Newsfile Corp. – November 29, 2023) – As Generative AI sees explosive growth, robust and proactive governance is imperative. Lumenova AI meets this need with the newly launched Generative AI Control Hub – the only all-in-one solution to manage risks and ensure responsible adoption.

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Lumenova AI Introduces the Generative AI Control Hub – The Complete Platform for AI Governance, Assessment, and Risk Management

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With the fast rise of Large Language Models and text-to-image AI systems, Lumenova AI recognized the critical importance of governance to mitigate emerging threats around security, fairness, transparency, and ethical use. Companies that lead with Responsible AI and implement robust risk governance are the strategic front-runners in navigating the emerging Generative AI landscape.

Generative AI unlocks new potential but also poses threats around risks like Data Privacy, Security, and Authenticity,” said Lumenova Co-Founder and CTO Cosmin Andriescu. “Our Generative AI Control Hub manages these risks so enterprises can adopt Generative AI rapidly while ensuring brand integrity, legal compliance, and public trust.

Key advantages of the Lumenova AI platform include:

  • Risk Management Framework for Generative AI (defining and managing boundaries, promoting transparency, protecting against threats, enhancing content).
  • Automated Technical Assessments for Large Language Models (evaluating performance, testing robustness, ensuring fairness, addressing data drift).
  • Private LLMs for Enterprise Internal Data (building smart conversational agents, enhancing content, safeguarding against misuse, securely self-hosting).

With the Lumenova AI platform, enterprises across industries can implement generative AI rapidly and responsibly. Lumenova has partnered with the best AI leaders and business consultants to help customers have a seamless integration.

We’re excited to introduce the industry’s first comprehensive solution purpose-built to govern this transformative technology,” said Andriescu. “Our Generative AI Control Hub fully manages emerging risks and provides the controls needed to adopt Generative AI safely and strategically.

Lumenova AI platform conducts continuous impact assessments to align AI systems with both regulatory requirements and business values. By automating model assessments for fairness, transparency, and compliance, Lumenova AI enables rapid deployment of ethical AI that builds stakeholder trust.

The All-in-One Platform for Responsible AI

With 15+ years of machine learning expertise and a focus on Responsible AI in recent years, Lumenova AI enables ethical, fair, and transparent AI adoption. The platform automates responsible AI workflows (including automated AI model assessments) so enterprises can efficiently govern AI and comply with regulations.

About Lumenova AI

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Lumenova AI empowers organizations to make AI ethical, transparent, and compliant with new and emerging regulations and internal policies. As an end-to-end solution, Lumenova AI streamlines and automates the entire Responsible AI lifecycle, so enterprises can efficiently map, manage, and mitigate AI risk, comply with regulations, and maximize the inherent value.

Lumenova caters to a diverse group of stakeholders, including business leaders, IT leaders, and the risk and compliance community. It allows them to analyze and optimize model performance, increase robustness, and promote predictive fairness across all dimensions of trust. Their extended team of technical experts and business consultants can also provide strategy and execution consulting for enterprises to design and deploy Responsible AI at scale.

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