Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp. Announces Election of New Chairman of the Board and Sub H.C.E.T & BAM JV Operation Paradox Sign a Service Agreement Valued at $40M USD & Embarks on a Transformative Journey Unveiling Strategic Shift

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – December 28, 2023) – Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp. (CSE: BHCC) announces corporate updates:

About Election of the Chairman of the Board:

Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp. is pleased to announce the election of a new Chairman of the Board, effective December 28, 2023.

After a thorough and rigorous selection process, the Board of Directors is delighted to welcome Mr. Philip Wong as the new Chairman. Philip brings a wealth of experience and expertise in finance and investment management, making him well-suited to lead the board during this exciting phase of BHCC’s growth.

Philip has been an integral part of company’s success. His leadership and strategic vision have contributed significantly to the company’s achievements, and the Board has full confidence in his ability to guide the company towards continued success in the future.

Philip will continue to play a crucial role as a member of the Board. The company expresses its sincere gratitude for his dedicated service, leadership, and invaluable contributions during his tenure as Chairman.

Philip expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as Chairman, stating, “I am honored to take on this role and look forward to working closely with the Board, management team, and all stakeholders to continue driving BHCC’s success. We have a strong foundation, and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

BHCC remains committed to delivering value to its shareholders, maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, and pursuing strategic initiatives that position the company for sustained growth.

About Investment Portfolio and Business Operation:

Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp (CSE: BHCC) announces a strategic shift under the dynamic leadership of CEO Philip Wong and celebrates a groundbreaking development in its investment portfolio.

New Vision: Focused Investment Strategy

Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp, formerly an industry issuer, is now poised to thrive as an investment issuer. The strategic pivot focuses on providing investors with opportunities to pool funds for capital appreciation and investment income. A comprehensive Investment Policy underscores the company’s commitment to transparency in its pursuit of sustainable growth.

Diversified Investments for Mutual Success

The company’s listing statement highlights a diverse investment portfolio spanning information technology, green tech, biotech, healthcare, fintech, cybersecurity, leisure, and entertainment. Active involvement sets Blue Horizon apart, as it collaborates with industry experts to identify early-stage opportunities and actively assists small and medium-sized enterprises in their growth journey.

Philip Wong’s Leadership and Capital Market Expertise

CEO Philip Wong leverages his extensive capital market experience to spearhead Blue Horizon’s strategic direction. His background positions the company to access fundraising channels for targeted investments, promising sustained value for shareholders.

Performance Evaluation and Acknowledgment

Under Wong’s leadership, Blue Horizon will rigorously evaluate investments on a fair value basis, aiming for sustained value creation. The company expresses gratitude to previous management for their foundational contributions.

Future Outlook: Strategic Collaboration and Technological Innovation

Excitement surrounds Blue Horizon’s future as it anticipates positive impacts from strategic collaboration, early-stage investments, and Wong’s fundraising acumen. The company actively contributes to the success of supported businesses.

H.C.E.T. Technologies’ Groundbreaking Tokenization Technology

Philip Wong, CEO of Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp, is pleased to share that H.C.E.T. Technologies has introduced a groundbreaking tokenization technology in a recent video release. The demonstration exhibits the process of tokenizing a picture file (one frame of a movie) into an eight-character token. What makes this technology truly remarkable is its ability to recover the original picture file losslessly by inputting the token into a second PC, even when in airplane mode.

Smart Token with Embedded Compartment: A Technological Marvel

According to Dickson Ng, CEO of H.C.E.T., “the project offers the ability to Tokenize all types and sizes of Internet Data Files and Digital Assets into a Smart Token which contains a maximum of 20 bytes of data storage inside the electronic token device. Inside the Smart Token of 20 bytes is an Embedded Compartment which contains the actual tokenized data files.”

Revolutionizing Data Security and Blockchain Technology

The tokenized ‘Data Token’ is reversible as a two-way token, capable of returning the original Internet Data File without loss or corruption on demand. This cutting-edge technology has vast applications in blockchain technology, data storage, and cybersecurity. Beyond its technological advancements, it also has the potential to significantly reduce carbon footprints.

Strategic Partnership and Joint-Venture Milestone

H.C.E.T.’s joint-venture company Paradox Global (Hong Kong) Technology Group Limited signed a service agreement to produce a white label Offline Asset Tokenization platform using this latest technology. The contract value is 40M USD plus a 5% loyalty fee.

Unlimited Potential and Exceptional Opportunities for Shareholders

“The potential applications of this technology are limitless,” remarked Philip Wong, CEO of Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp. “From blockchain to data storage and cybersecurity, the profound impact of this innovation is undeniable. This investment holds the promise of delivering significant returns to our shareholders, highlighting the remarkable value that our strategic investments can unlock.”

Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp is excited about the technological strides made by H.C.E.T. Technologies and is eager to explore the myriad opportunities this groundbreaking tokenization technology presents.

For further information, please contact:

Philip Wong
Chairman & CEO

About Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp.

Blue Horizon Global Capital Corp is an investment company whose primary objective is to identify promising companies with excellent projects, innovative technologies or both, using management’s extensive experience in deal sourcing and capital combination to maximize returns for its shareholders. Blue Horizon will invest its funds with the aim of generating returns from capital appreciation and investment income. It intends to accomplish these goals through the identification of and investment in securities of private and publicly listed entities across a wide range of sectors and industry areas, including but not limited to the technology, software development and biotechnology industries.

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