Daido Steel Accelerates Materials Design and Qualification with ICMD® SaaS Platform from QuesTek

NAGOYA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#materialsengineeringQuesTek Innovations announced today that Daido Steel will leverage ICMD®, a new materials design and engineering software platform from QuesTek, to design, develop and deploy novel materials. The uniquely comprehensive ICMD® software will help Daido drive core initiatives, such as sustainability and new market opportunities, through materials innovation.

A world leader in specialty steel, particularly in the automotive industry, Daido is instrumental in facilitating both the manufacturing of fuel-efficient engines and the electric vehicle transition. ICMD® will be a powerful tool for Daido as the company, originally founded in 1916, undergoes a digital transformation and continues its second century of steel industry dominance.

“Sustainability is a core value of our organization, as we continue to honor our 2013 commitment to a 50% reduction of our CO2 emissions by 2030,” says Daido Steel. “ICMD® will streamline our materials R&D process to be greener and more efficient, as well as enabling our engineers to develop lighter, more fuel-efficient materials that reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of rare earth elements.”

A full complement of QuesTek’s Materials by Design® technology, ICMD® fully embodies the physics-based modeling approach to materials engineering pioneered by QuesTek. Where useful ICMD® also utilizes AI, ML and DFT techniques. ICMD® dramatically speeds up the process of developing and qualifying new materials, or optimizing existing alloy systems, by enabling engineers to predict material properties and performance with a very high degree of accuracy.

“Nothing as comprehensive or powerful as ICMD® exists in the materials engineering software marketplace, and it was developed with industry leaders like Daido Steel in mind,” says QuesTek Innovations COO Bill Mahoney. “We are thrilled that Daido will be relying on ICMD® to help shape its next chapter of innovation and we look forward to the world-changing materials solutions the company develops as a result.”

ICMD® launched in 2023 after extensive testing by QuesTek’s early evaluation users, including SpaceX and MIT. Daido Steel is the first major Japanese firm to subscribe to the SaaS since it became available in Japan in October.

About Daido Steel 

Daido Steel is one of Japan’s major specialty steel makers and is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Initially founded in 1916 as Electric Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., it became Daido Steel in 1976. Today, Daido Steel consists of the parent company and 62 consolidated subsidiaries leading in the fields of specialty steel, high-performance materials and magnetic materials, parts for automobiles and industrial equipment, engineering, trading and service. Daido Steel is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan and its U.S. subsidiary, Daido Steel (America) Inc., is based in Schaumburg, Illinois. daido.co.jp

About QuesTek 

QuesTek empowers innovators by resolving materials-based challenges. QuesTek is both a pioneer and current market leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). QuesTek’s Materials by Design® technologies have enabled new products and new thresholds of performance across a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, consumer electronics and luxury goods. QuesTek’s ICMD® SaaS offering has packaged QuesTek’s IP and know-how into a client-accessible software platform for the first time. QuesTek Innovations is the primary operating subsidiary of QuesTek International LLC and is headquartered in Evanston, Illinois. QuesTek has additional locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Solna, Sweden; and Tokyo. questek.com


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