dotData Announces dotData Insight To Ideate Business Hypotheses By Combining AI-Driven Insight Discovery And Generative AI

dotData is taking data signals and business insights to the next level by introducing Generative AI as a powerful assistant to transform raw data into actionable hypotheses.

SAN MATEO, California, DEC 06, 2023 – dotData, a pioneer and leading provider of platforms for feature discovery, today announces the launch of dotData Insight. The new platform uses an AI-driven insight discovery engine, augmented with Generative AI, to enable enterprises to uncover unique business hypotheses from data for better analytics-driven corporate decisions.

dotData Insight combines two complementary AI technologies: dotData’s AI-driven signal discovery engine from Feature Factory and Generative AI. The former uses dotData’s proprietary AI to automatically discover and evaluate data signals and statistical facts hidden within the vast repositories of enterprise data. The latter helps users translate discovered signals into hypotheses, making interpretation easier. 

Together, this two-fold technology approach helps business analysts—in departments like marketing and finance—eradicate blind spots that arise in manual reporting and analysis and eliminate arduous tasks involving converting convoluted enterprise data into business signals. 

Currently, business intelligence (BI) platforms require business users, in collaboration with BI experts, to manually form hypotheses of what could be causing specific business challenges—like high product pricing contributing to client churn, for example. The slow traditional process involves creating reports and engaging in repetitive trial-and-error to arrive at valuable signals. A manual process can also lead to “experience bias” because business experts often look at patterns they know work, overlooking other critical signals. 

dotData Insight takes a new and groundbreaking approach, letting data speak for itself. dotData’s AI-driven insight discovery explores millions of possible multimodal data signals, including those from temporal, geospatial, categorical, and numeric attributes. This is all without involving the tedious building of custom reports with SQL code or visual diagrams associated with traditional BI systems. 

The signal discovery platform can also transform unstructured data, including text that contains rich business contexts but is often hard for business analysts to analyze, into business-friendly context labels. Then, by fusing structured and unstructured data, dotData Insight unveils information that might have otherwise remained concealed. 

The user-friendly, intuitive, point-and-click interface allows data analysts and BI professionals to uncover more insights with minimal reliance on domain experts, data scientists, or data engineers. Tracking key metrics is effortless on the visual dashboard, providing immediate visibility into critical trends. Users can also export their findings and generate scorecards, making sharing high-value insights with stakeholders easy.  

This data-centric analysis empowers users to be more efficient and highly productive, armed with the insights they need for informed business decision-making. With the added Generative AI layer, analysts will also drastically reduce the hours they spend identifying high-value hypotheses for dealing with identified business opportunities and challenges.

“dotData Insight expands dotData’s vision to propel data-driven digital transformation for all enterprises and accelerate the time-to-value for business leaders,” said Ryohei Fujimaki, Ph.D., founder and CEO of dotData.

“What sets dotData Insight apart is our ability to seamlessly handle large-scale enterprise data, encompassing tens of tables, thousands of columns, and billions of rows, ensuring no data is left unexplored,” added Walter Paliska, VP of Marketing at dotData. 

dotData Insight will be available in early 2024. For more information, read here and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn

About dotData

dotData’s pioneering automated feature discovery and engineering platform solves the hardest challenge of AI/ML projects. Our Feature Factory technology discovers hidden gems for empowering businesses by connecting the dots within large-scale data sets in hours, without human bias. It enables data scientists to explore 100X more features and augments AI/ML projects in an agile manner to deliver business value faster. In an era of rapid change, AI-discovered insights can be a game changer for business growth and innovation across industries, which is why Fortune 500 organizations across the globe use dotData.

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