Holiday AI Magic Unleashed: Perfect Corp. Launches Exclusive Holiday Features across Full Suite of YouCam Apps

From Jingle Bell AI Avatars to Ugly Sweater AI Clothing styles, festive AR makeup looks, and more unwrap the holiday magic with a range of limited-time features in YouCam Apps

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Perfect Corp., the leading augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, and developer of the award-winning suite of YouCam Apps, today announced a range of exclusive holiday features across its consumer offerings. As the holiday season approaches, Perfect Corp. is proud to unveil an enchanting array of engaging features for users to enjoy – ushering in festive cheer and creativity for holiday-lovers worldwide.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit with YouCam’s Latest Generative AI Enhancements 

This season, Perfect Corp. is delighted to present an exclusive lineup of captivating features designed to sprinkle the magic of the holidays into every user’s experience:

  1. Joyful Creations with Text-to-Image Generative AI: Input your creative ideas as a short text prompt in the YouCam AI Pro app and let the AI image generator visualize your imagination within seconds. You can tweak the text again and again, watching as the magic unfolds in a gallery of unique, holiday-inspired masterpieces. Share your joy with friends and family as your visions come to life.
  2. AI Fashion’s Eight New Holiday Looks: Step into the holiday looking your very best! Explore the AI Fashion collection in YouCam Makeup featuring eight enchanting new looks. Transform your photos into elf and reindeer-themed masterpieces, or – inspired by the iconic styles from “Mean Girls” – try out the “Festive Flair” look for the perfect fusion of chic and festive styling.
  3. Festive Image Types in AI Avatar: Ring in the holidays with Generative AI-powered ‘Jingle Bell’ and ‘NYE Sparks’ avatars, adding a dash of seasonal joy to your digital persona using YouCam Perfect.
  4. Holiday-Themed AI Selfie Looks: Capture the festive spirit by diving into a selection of holiday-themed AI Selfie looks, making every selfie merry, festive, and bright with YouCam AI Pro.
  5. AI Clothes with Holiday Patterns: Transform any outfit into a fun holiday look! Two charming holiday-themed ugly sweater patterns are now available in the YouCam Makeup AI Clothes feature enabling users to effortlessly switch their attire into cozy and fun holiday ensembles in a flash.
  6. Customizable Wishlist Template: Make your holiday dreams come true with the new Wishlist to Santa template in YouCam Perfect. Users can personalize and manifest their aspirations for the festive season – submit your wish list to our “Make a Wish Challenge” for a chance to show off your creativity and win a prize!
  7. Holiday-Themed AR Makeup Filters: Glam up your holiday moments! An assortment of AR makeup filters in YouCam Makeup and YouCam Video offers a touch of holiday magic to every selfie, elevating your style and helping you to embrace the festive season effortlessly.

Bringing the Magic of the Holidays to App Users Everywhere 

“Amidst the celebrations, Perfect Corp. aims to infuse the holiday season with joy and creativity. Our suite of apps brings a touch of magic, allowing users to express their festive spirit in unique and delightful ways,” said Alice Chang, Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, “We are excited to bring the AI holiday magic into our YouCam Apps to make this holiday season more vibrant, delightful, and unforgettable for our global community of users.”

All Generative AI features are available in YouCam Makeup, YouCam Perfect, YouCam AI Pro, YouCam Enhance, and YouCam Online Editor.

About Perfect Corp. 

Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF) embraces the concept of Beautiful AI to offer a complementary suite of mobile apps, including YouCam Makeup, YouCam Perfect, YouCam AI Pro, YouCam Enhance, YouCam Video, YouCam Nails, and more, to provide a consumer platform to virtually try-on new products, perform skin diagnoses, edit photos, and share experiences with the YouCam Community. Perfect Corp.’s Generative AI technology allows app users to create stunning original pieces in seconds, with features such as AI Magic Avatar, AI Selfie and text-to-image tools. Perfect Corp. also offers sustainable, high-touch, AI and AR-powered B2B tech solutions that empower beauty and fashion brands to enrich their relationships with customers. To learn more, please visit


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