London Bikini DAA Hip Replacement Surgery By MSK Doctors Prof Paul Lee Announced

Sleaford, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – December 6, 2023) – MSK Doctors, a private hospital in London, has announced that patients can access the new Bikini DAA hip replacement surgery with no GP referral or waiting list. This procedure has been proven to minimise scarring and eliminate post-operative mobility restrictions.  

Patients in need of a hip replacement can now access a full range of advanced surgical options, including the new Bikini Incision Direct Anterior Approach technique, more commonly known as Bikini DAA, at the private MSK Doctors hospital in London.

More information about the Bikini DAA technique, the MSK Doctors private hospital, and the hospital’s founder and hip replacement specialist, Prof. Paul Lee, can be found at

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London Bikini DAA Hip Replacement Surgery By MSK Doctors Prof Paul Lee Announced

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This new surgical procedure has been extensively tested, and proven both safe and effective, with several important benefits over the traditional hip replacement options. In a new report, Prof. Paul Lee explains how this technique differs from standard surgery, how a trained specialist can minimise surgical scarring, and why there are no mobility restrictions after the operation.

Although this new technique offers significantly improved outcomes, it is not yet available at most clinics and hospitals. However, it is available from certain private clinics with specially trained surgeons, such as Prof. Paul Lee of MSK Doctors, who trained at the renowned Exeter Hip Unit.

The Bikini technique differs from traditional surgery in several ways, but most importantly it has been shown to reduce overall blood loss, eliminate post-operative mobility restrictions, speed up patient recovery, and minimise scarring. These results are similar to the new SPAIRE technique, although the Bikini procedure places a focus on minimising scarring, while SPAIRE focuses solely on minimising surgical trauma and reducing recovery times.

Both of these techniques allow patients to resume their normal activities soon, with no limping, and limited risk of dislocations. While post-surgery dislocations are still possible with the new techniques, the possibility has been reduced so far that the MSK Doctors team has entirely removed post-op mobility restrictions.

However, research suggests that the Bikini technique can also have potential downsides, such as an increased risk of infection. Studies show that the individual surgeon’s level of experience likely plays an important role, with experienced surgeons able to provide the fastest recovery times, and the most minimal scarring.

Prof. Paul Lee is a trained and experienced surgeon, who has been working on these techniques nearly since their invention. Prof. Lee and MSK Doctors have become known locally for sending the majority of patients home soon after their procedure, with no mobility restrictions, and little to no post-operative pain.

More information about the self-referral program for new patients, the MSK Doctors private hospital, and the latest in hip replacement techniques can be found at

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Address: MSK House London Road Silk Willoughby, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, Sleaford, England NG34 8NY, United Kingdom

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