Nexsan Experts Offer Top Criteria All Organizations Should Consider When Purchasing New Storage Hardware

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Selecting storage hardware for today’s data-driven organizations does not need to be a painful experience, according to experts at Nexsan®, the pioneer of highly reliable, cost-effective storage. Those contemplating a storage refresh or the purchase of new storage hardware in 2024 should look for solutions that provide:

  • Scalability – Scalable storage can meet an organization’s changing capacity needs over time and maximize performance to handle increasingly demanding workloads. Whether scaling up or scaling out, a storage hardware platform that can expand is imperative to the success of a growing organization.
  • Reliability – A durable solution that will last an organization for years – or even decades – is critical. Storage with a proven track record of enterprise reliability is a great choice for data center environments of any kind.
  • Density – Storage solutions that are ultra-dense and super-efficient enable organizations to shrink their storage footprints, save on power and spend less time managing the system and more time on improving the business.
  • Utility – Storage systems are built for specific use cases and/or to satisfy particular business demands. Choose storage that delivers for a particular application need, such as inexpensive archive, security and compliance, or high performance for write-intensive workloads.
  • Connectivity – A storage system connects to your network and any cloud resources that make up your infrastructure are always accessible. The storage system should have the necessary connectivity and protocols – whether via SAS, Fibre Channel, or iSCSI; file, block, object/S3 – to provide quick and reliable access to data wherever it resides.
  • Support the Latest Technologies – Newer features like immutable snapshots and immutable backup for ransomware protection, make today’s storage systems even more resilient, secure, and adaptable to evolving cyber threats, enhancing data integrity and reliability in dynamic IT landscapes.

“Because data is what powers your organization, you need to implement storage solutions that provide the scalability, reliability, density, utility, connectivity, and ability to support the latest technologies for immutability to keep your company ahead of the curve,” said Andy Hill, Executive Vice President. “Whether you are looking to implement all-flash, unified storage, file, block or secure, immutable storage to meet your needs, seek out a company like Nexsan that provides reliable, quality hardware that will save you the time, money and headaches traditionally associated with storage management.”

Nexsan systems meet the ongoing need to maintain large data stores in on-premises storage hardware—a need that persists despite the advent of cloud computing, and now grows more pressing as organizations face increasing cloud costs. Nexsan channel partners excel at developing systems that address essential functions like high-performance data processing, bulletproof backup and archive, cybersecurity, and digital video. Interested parties can visit to learn more about Nexsan’s reliable enterprise storage.

About Nexsan®

Nexsan® is a global leader in enabling customers to securely store, protect, and manage data. Established in 1999, Nexsan has earned a reputation for delivering the most highly reliable, secure, and cost-effective storage while always remaining agile to continuously deliver purpose-built storage and data management solutions that meet complex and ever-changing IT, business, and budgetary requirements. Nexsan’s patented technology is ideal for a variety of use cases including Financial, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Education, Media and Entertainment, and Call Centers. For further information, please visit


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