VergeIO Unveils VMware Essentials Upgrade Program

ANN ARBOR, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VergeIO, the leading VMware alternative, announced the immediate availability of VergeOS Small Data Center (SDC) Edition. The VergeOS SDC edition is more than a competitive swap out of VMware Essentials. It is a significant capability upgrade while lowering costs.

Ironically, VMware Essentials is missing the essential capabilities that small data centers need most. With VergeOS SDC, customers get everything included in VMware Essentials plus advanced storage services, live virtual machine migration, advanced layer two and layer three networking capabilities, and ransomware protection. Finally, unlike VMware Essentials, the VergeOS SDC Edition isn’t limited to three servers.

“VMware Essential customers especially are finding they are the ‘odd-man-out’ as Broadcom slashes sales, support, training, and development resources while it absorbs VMware. Today, with VergeOS SDC, Essential customers can switch to a more affordable, easier-to-use platform that uses their existing hardware while improving capabilities and data resilience,” said VergeIO CEO Yan Ness.

Two Nodes Free

VergeIO doesn’t adhere to the complex and expensive practices of charging per CPU, per core, or the amount of storage capacity. VergeOS is priced per physical server, regardless of resources.

With the launch of VergeOS, SDC organizations have the opportunity to improve cost savings even further. Any customer who participates in a demonstration of the VergeOS before December 15th will receive an offer to buy one node license and get the second free, or buy two node licenses and get two node licenses free (matching the term of their subscriptions).

Seamless, Managed Migration

The IT team that manages a small data center is often a team of one. To assist these overworked IT professionals, VergeIO is including a white-glove migration service as part of VergeOS SDC. The VergeIO customer success team will migrate the organization’s VMs, work with them to verify compatibility, and provide training on how to take full advantage of all the capabilities of VergeOS. The training includes enabling its ransomware-resilient, IOfortify capabilities. Customers can migrate in less than a day, fully enable data protection, and be fully certified for VergeOS operations.

The Power to Grow

Unlike VMware Essentials, VergeOS SDC can seamlessly scale well beyond three nodes to VergeOS Enterprise, which supports an unlimited of nodes and advanced virtualization capabilities like GPU virtualization support, multi-site management, and a cloud-like recipe engine that can deploy complete workloads with a click of a button.

To learn more, go to VergeOS for Small Data Centers or register for our upcoming live webinar to learn more.

About VergeIO

VergeIO is the leading VMware Alternative. Unlike hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), its ultraconverged infrastructure (UCI) rotates the traditional IT stack (computing, storage, and networking) into an integrated data center operating environment, VergeOS. Its efficiency enables greater workload density using existing hardware while improving data resiliency. The result is dramatically lower costs, improved availability, and greatly simplified IT.


Judy Smith, JPR Communications

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