ATEC America Debuts LC71AR at NRF 2024

New Back-Office Recycler Proves to be Leading Compact Solution for Managing Cash in Retail Settings

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, ATEC America, a leading cash automation solution specialist, unveiled its new LC71AR back-office recycler at NRF ‘24. The LC71AR made its official debut as a compact solution for managing cash in retail settings as it recycles banknotes and coins. This groundbreaking innovation empowers employees to make change during shifts or to deposit and dispense cash and coin securely. Combining features for safety and efficiency, the LC71AR offers flexible options, including provisional credit or safe storage until it can be transported. The LC71AR is a ‘turnkey’ hardware, software and centralized monitoring and management solution.

“The ATEC LC71AR speeds up the cash handling process for back offices in retail settings,” stated Vice President of Business Development at ATEC America, Michael Bodine. “The LC71AR, a cutting-edge product, was meticulously designed to enhance staff efficiency and minimize the risk of cash loss. By automating essential tasks, it allows staff members to focus on more valuable activities that directly contribute to customer satisfaction and overall business growth.”

The LC71AR encapsulates all the essential features required by stores and retailers of all sizes. Developed by ATEC AP for ATEC America, this ‘self-service’ system meticulously considers convenience, security and scalability. Its design aims to surpass industry requirements, ensuring seamless operations for retailers.

The LC71AR back-office recycler is engineered around:

  • Simplifying beginning and end-of-day transactions while providing enhanced security for the operations team
  • Allowing cashiers to make cash and coin change throughout the day and eliminating the need for dual control using electronic security and remote audit
  • Customer-centered environment user interface
  • Reducing workload, labor costs and overall wait times

To preview the LC71AR and other ATEC America products at the NRF show, visit booth 760 for a live demonstration.

About ATEC America

ATEC America is a leading cash automation solution specialist with a full line of transaction automation and cash recycling technology from ATEC AP (formerly LG Cash Automation) serving North and South America. With solutions based on smart technology with user-friendly interface and efficient methods for counting cash, making change and reducing cash loss, ATEC America has a solution to meet your needs. To get more out of your cash rooms and to learn more about ATEC Americas, please visit:


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