Electude, the leader in automotive and truck e-learning, is now offering physical training aids integrated with our courseware

BRAINTREE, Mass., Jan. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Electude North America is pleased to announce the release of its Connect Training Aids, a collection of high quality teaching devices designed to give students hands-on experience with various components of a vehicle.

Electude is recognized as a global leader in e-learning for automotive technology students. In North America, Electude has expanded its offerings to include Essentials + and Classroom products, soon to be available for both light and heavy vehicle courses. Today, Electude moves beyond e-learning with the launch of Electude Connect, our integrated courseware and mechanical training aid solution.

Electude is initially focusing on training aids and accompanying courseware for electricity and electronics and electric drive/hybrid vehicles. The integrated courseware teaches students to use the training aids and provides a variety of hands-on activity modules for students to complete. Student progress is tracked, automating grading and analysis for teachers. Electude products engage students and automate teaching processes – enhancing the learning experience and saving instructors time, allowing them more opportunity to work with students.

In addition to our Electude e-learning and training aid products, we have joined forces with Dave Macholz and AVTG (Advanced Vehicle Technology Group) to support every Electude Connect adoption with instructor training. Provided both in-person and online, our goal is to ensure that every Electude Connect product sold is put to use by informed and prepared customers to maximize the full potential of the training aids.

Darrell Christopher, Director of Sales, North America, said “Our business development team is excited to add Electude Connect to our portfolio of product offerings. In the last few years, we have seen rapid adoption of Electude products throughout North America and we are confident the addition of Connect will create an even more complete solution, especially for courses designed to prepare students to work successfully with electronics and electric/hybrid vehicles.”

About Electude: Electude has been a global innovation leader in automotive technology education for over 30 years. Electude is in use today globally by over 900,000 students and over 50,000 instructors in 70 nations, translated into 35 languages. Using an integrative, highly interactive gamified learning method, Electude has revolutionized the automotive education industry by empowering vocational students to learn effectively and give instructors custom time-saving tools. Electude North America provides a localized version of Electude to customers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Visit www.electude.com for more information.

CONTACT: To learn more please contact your Electude sales person, or send an e-mail to: sales@electude.com

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