Netcracker Successfully Implements Full-Stack, Cloud-Native BSS/OSS on AWS for Andorra Telecom

Seamless Migration Provides European Operator With a Future-Proof IT Infrastructure and Critical Step in its Digital Journey

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Netcracker Technology announced today that European operator Andorra Telecom has successfully implemented its cutting-edge, cloud-native BSS and OSS solutions on AWS, which will revolutionize the telecom landscape in the Principality of Andorra. The upgrade to the full-stack, SaaS-based deployment of Netcracker Digital BSS and Digital OSS marks a significant milestone for Netcracker’s long-standing customer that will accelerate its digital transformation journey.

Netcracker Digital BSS and Digital OSS, part of the flagship Netcracker Digital Platform, provide the operator with a state-of-the art IT foundation that supports fixed-mobile convergence to bring new and exciting benefits to its B2C and B2B customers, including the rollout of advanced digital services. By hosting the solution on AWS’ leading cloud platform, Andorra Telecom can leverage Agile development and DevOps, which will reduce IT complexity, support continuous updates, deliver better flexibility and help lower costs.

In addition, Netcracker’s AI-driven, digital-first BSS and OSS portfolio will give Andorra Telecom critical advantages as the operator grows and expands its business and offerings, including improved scalability and agility; a future-proofed network infrastructure; introduction of innovative new digital services; faster time to market; and streamlined operations to reduce network downtime and advance overall service delivery.

“Our ongoing partnership with Netcracker has given us the confidence to move our IT infrastructure into the cloud, which will further progress our digital journey,” said Jordi Nadal, CEO of Andorra Telecom. “This successful deployment of a world-class cloud transformation project will bring many positive outcomes to us and our customers, positioning our business for success today and well into the future.”

“With this landmark IT transformation project, Andorra Telecom reinforces its commitment to pioneering technological advancements in the telecommunications industry,” said Sylvain Seignour, President of Netcracker. “The long and successful collaboration with Netcracker exemplifies the synergy between innovation and operational excellence in the cloud, and we are proud to be part of such a forward-looking engagement.”

About Netcracker Technology

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About Andorra Telecom

Andorra Telecom is the carrier in the Principality of Andorra that provides a diverse range of telecommunications services encompassing telephony, television, and internet connectivity. Catering to both individual consumers and businesses, the company offers an extensive suite of products and services. Committed to the digital advancement of Andorran society, Andorra Telecom ensures inclusivity in the digital sphere, prioritizing the digital well-being of every citizen. The company actively promotes initiatives fostering technological interest among youth, and advocates for responsible internet usage, recognizing technology as an integral part of our daily lives, intended to facilitate knowledge, leisure, work, and interpersonal connections.



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Netcracker Technology

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