Sports Data Labs, Inc. Announces Issuance of New U.S. Patent Covering its Novel Generative AI-Based Method for Creating Synthetic Data to Replace Missing and Outlier Data Values

Issuance of U.S. Patent No. 11,850,053 also covers a novel system and method for calculating accurate, real-time heart rate (HR) measurements from electrocardiogram (ECG)-based sensors

DETROIT–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sports Data Labs, Inc. (“SD Labs”), an award-winning leader in AI-based collection, analysis, and distribution of real-time human data from on-body sensors and other sensing systems, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has issued U.S. Patent No. 11,850,053 to the company covering a novel system and method for calculating accurate, real-time heart rate (HR) measurements from high sampling, electrocardiogram (ECG)-based sensors. SD Labs’ issued patent, entitled “A System and Method for Measuring Heart Rate,” also covers a novel method for detecting and replacing missing and outlier sensor-based data values with artificial (i.e., synthetic) data.

The issued patent leverages novel techniques to denoise raw sensor data derived from any sensors that produce digital readings where R-peaks can be identified to generate accurate, real-time heart rate readings that are particularly advantageous for physically-active bodies (e.g., professional athletes in live events) in non-laboratory, real-world settings. The novel denoising techniques were part of a peer-review validation study featured in the biomedical journal Digital Biomarkers entitled “Real-time Digital Biometric Monitoring During Elite Athletic Competition: System Feasibility with a Wearable Medical-Grade Sensor” that demonstrated – for the first time – repeatable and accurate collection and display of real-time heart rate measurements from wearable medical-grade sensors in live professional sports competition.

The issued patent also covers an AI-based method for generating predictive artificial data values for any missing or outlier values within a sensor-based data set, which can be applicable to all types of biological sensor data regardless of sensor type. With the USPTO’s Patent Term Adjustment, the issued patent will provide SD Labs with exclusivity for its invention in the U.S. until March 2041.

“We are thrilled with the issuance of this foundational patent in the generative AI space,” said Vivek Khare, Co-Inventor and Head of Technology of SD Labs, the assignee of U.S. Patent No. 11,850,053. “Our synthetic data generator enables more complete data sets to be created, a requisite for AI systems to be more effective in analyzing and creating value with data. Our exclusivity in key areas related to ECG-based real-time heart monitoring and synthetic data generation will allow us to dive further into exciting licensing and solution-focused opportunities in sports, healthcare, insurance, and other high-growth markets.”

“We were very early in leveraging generative AI techniques to support our work with medical-grade sensors,” said Mark Gorski, Co-Inventor and CEO, SD Labs. “With our patented SaaS-Based Health Diagnostics and Sensor Interoperability System, patented Health Drone, and other patent-pending technologies tied to collection, consent, and monetization of sensor-based data, we believe our category-defining patent portfolio will continue to be at the epicenter of value creation in the personal data ecosystem.”

The patented system also covers the provision of one or more recommendations to take one or more actions based on the derived heart rate values. For example, if the heart rate measurements are irregular, the patented system can be configured to provide an alert such as “stop your activity” or “see a doctor.”

With thirteen active patent families, this is the company’s fourth issued U.S. Patent.

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