Tungsten Automation Launches Generative AI Capabilities to Accelerate Customer Returns on Investment

TotalAgility 8 Increases Developer Productivity, Speeds Workflow Deployments and Leverages New Document Libraries

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#automation–Tungsten Automation, a trusted leader in Intelligent Automation software and the new identity of the Kofax brand, today unveiled TotalAgility® 8. This latest release of the flagship platform offers new AI enhancements that help organizations become more agile and accelerate their returns on investment than ever before. These enhancements reshape how businesses will approach solution development and customer engagement, while enhancing back-office efficiency and improving human-machine collaboration.

“The introduction of Generative AI into TotalAgility marks a significant leap in making businesses more agile and able to realize significantly faster returns on investment. We’ve completely reimaged how our customers interact with technology as we shift from low-code to natural language interfaces. The core of this innovation is boosting workforce productivity and unprecedented insights into unstructured data, while upholding the highest standards of AI use so our customers can trust in the technology we provide,” said Adam Field, Senior Vice President of Product Management.

Key release highlights:

  • Generative AI-Powered Copilots: TotalAgility 8 introduces a transformative approach to how people interact with automation software through a new suite of Gen AI-powered Copilots. The new Copilots offer an intuitive, natural language interface that simplifies how workflows and solutions are created and how enterprises can derive insights from their data:
    • Copilot for Development: Transforms ideas into working processes, case definitions, forms, business rules, and data models.
    • Copilot for Extraction: Substantially reduces the time and effort required to create and manage document extraction models, saving hundreds of hours in setup and continued maintenance time.
    • Copilot for Insights: Generates real-time and actionable insights from proprietary business and case data, accelerating decision-making and uplifting workforce productivity while reducing inaccurate feedback which often plagues most of today’s Generative AI solutions.
  • Document Libraries: A repository of pre-packaged, out-of-the-box extraction models are available for a variety of use cases across industries, eliminating the need for customers to build them from scratch. These models expedite customer time-to-value, reduce total cost of ownership, and allow a greater focus on outcomes.
  • Citizen Developer Enhancements: Expanded functionality fosters an environment of collaboration among developers and democratizes solution design. These capabilities ensure that even users with minimal technical expertise can contribute to the innovation and optimization of business processes, aligning with our goal to make intelligent automation accessible to all.
  • Expanded Marketplace: Over 200 connectors are now available in the Tungsten Marketplace, including a new Decisioning AI connector in partnership with Microsoft. Partners receive additional support through enhanced RESTful Services, simplifying the integration process with TotalAgility and enabling them to develop innovative solutions that more seamlessly incorporate the platform.

“We are thrilled about the new innovative features that Tungsten Automation is introducing in TotalAgility 8.0, particularly the new Generative AI and Copilot capabilities. These advancements, along with the overall quality of automation, will dramatically accelerate the time to market for our most important customer-facing projects. TotalAgility 8 will help Acrisure stand out in the Fintech industry with an unparalleled value proposition for our customers,” said Asheesh Biyala, VP of Intelligent Automation at Acrisure.

TotalAgility’s recognition from top industry analysts as a market leader in Intelligent Automation, Intelligent Document Processing, and Process Orchestration demonstrates the commitment to delivering innovative workflow solutions and further solidifies our position at the forefront of the industry. “We were impressed with the rate of innovation and investment Kofax, now Tungsten Automation, is making in their solution, as they continue to accelerate new technology investments like Gen AI to their portfolio-based approach to enhance customers’ ability to build end-to-end automation workflows,” said Amy Machado, research manager for IDC.

Join us in exploring the transformative AI-driven capabilities of TotalAgility 8. For a comprehensive overview and to experience the future of intelligent workflow automation, we invite you to visit our website or register for our upcoming webinar.

About Acrisure:

Acrisure is An Extraordinary Advantage℠ for millions of clients worldwide. The Company combines humans and high tech to deliver a broad array of products including Insurance, Reinsurance, Cyber Services, Mortgage Origination and more. In the last nine years, Acrisure has grown in revenue from $38 million to more than $4 billion and today employs over 17,000 colleagues in 22 countries. Acrisure expects to announce new developments in the near term. For news and updates visit Acrisure.com or follow the Company on LinkedIn.

About Tungsten Automation:

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, is the global leader in intelligent workflow automation software and solutions with a trusted legacy of 40 years and over 2,200 employees in 32 countries. Our commitment to innovation and customer success has earned us over 25,000 customers who have gained unprecedented efficiencies and reduced costs through workflow automation that propels their businesses into the future.


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