Verikai Redefines Healthcare Decision-Making with the Unveiling of CaptureHealth and Capture360

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Verikai, an industry innovator in health insurance, proudly announces the launch of CaptureHealth and Capture360, two groundbreaking solutions designed to revolutionize healthcare risk analysis. These offerings are part of the comprehensive Verikai platform.

The CaptureHealth model provides a health-centric risk score by feeding comprehensive medical claim and health history data into Verikai’s proprietary machine learning models. Capture360 adds hundreds of thousands of behavioral and social determinants of health (SDoH) factors to CaptureHealth in order to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive risk score in the market. Verikai’s breakthrough scoring technology uniquely combines dozens of sources of curated medical and pharmaceutical data covering over 330 million Americans, with behavioral attributes and SDoH, offering unparalleled precision in health risk assessment.

CaptureHealth and Capture360 collectively address longstanding industry challenges, offering concise and comprehensive views of claims histories while simplifying the task of assessing medical and pharmaceutical risks. The Verikai platform offers detailed insights into patients’ medical and pharmaceutical histories, facilitating enhanced understanding and foresight into healthcare needs and risks.

“These scoring solutions are a revolution in healthcare innovation,” says Paul Stock, President of Verikai. “We’re not just making waves; we’re creating a harmonious future for healthcare decision-making.”

CaptureHealth and Capture360 empower healthcare stakeholders with precise information for data-driven decisions. They illuminate disparate data sources, providing a solid foundation for decision-making and facilitating strategic healthcare planning. By identifying high-risk populations and potential cost drivers, stakeholders can achieve optimized health outcomes and effective risk management.

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About Verikai, Inc.:

Verikai is a leading provider of predictive analytics and AI-powered solutions for the health insurance industry. Through its innovative platform, Verikai empowers insurers with advanced data-driven risk assessment insights, streamlining the underwriting process and optimizing business outcomes. With a commitment to technological advancement, Verikai is changing the health insurance industry by assisting underwriters with decision-making when it comes to risk.


Amanda Borodaty
Head of Marketing, Verikai

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