Swimlane and Dragos Partner to Extend Protection for OT Infrastructure with Automation

New integration enables faster detection and response against 50% rise in ransomware attacks on industrial organizations

BOULDER, Colo. and HANOVER, Md. – March 26, 2024Swimlane, automation for the entire security organization, today announced a partnership with Dragos Inc., the global leader in cybersecurity for operational technology (OT) environments. Through the partnership, the companies are offering a new integration between Swimlane Turbine and the Dragos Platform that enables customers to automate threat detection and enrichment across both IT and OT environments, leveraging AI for synchronized response. 

This partnership brings together the best of breed in security automation and operational technology security to facilitate collaboration between IT and OT teams. Building on Swimlane’s existing security automation ecosystem for OT environments, this integration offers customers flexibility to tailor their OT security approach to their specific needs. The integration offers centralized case management, automated ticketing and vulnerability management use cases to streamline workflows and improve communication.

Solving the OT-IT Cybersecurity Gap

The convergence of modern IT and legacy industrial control systems (ICS) presents a critical cybersecurity challenge. This stems from two factors: outdated ICS technology struggling to integrate securely with modern systems, and the limitations of traditional IT security solutions in ICS/OT environments. These combined factors, coupled with the 50% rise in reported ransomware attacks targeting industrial organizations, emphasize the urgent need for prioritizing and implementing effective ICS-specific security controls. 

Fortunately, today’s industrial organizations can now reduce their mean time to respond and recover (MTTR) to emerging threats by leveraging a highly customizable, yet approachable, security solution that centralizes IT and OT threat detection, remediation, and case management into a centralized system of record. 

“Applying IT security solutions directly to ICS environments simply doesn’t work,” said Mike Kay, SVP of Global Partnerships at Swimlane. “Thanks to this robust integration between two industry leaders, industrial organizations can now benefit from automated asset vulnerability management that keeps humans in the loop. Security teams will now be able to customize everything from Swimlane Playbooks to applications to address OT-specific needs.”

Revolutionizing OT Security

By leveraging this powerful integration, customers can unlock a wealth of innovations, including:

  • Centralized Case Management: The integration provides a unified view of IT/OT assets, enabling analysts to focus on strategic decision-making instead of manual data collection.
  • Dashboard and Reporting: Dashboards are populated by self-documenting Swimlane Playbooks to provide security teams with visual models to easily see organization-wide OT asset risk levels.
  • Swimlane Turbine Canvas: Turbine Canvas is a low-code automation studio that enables OT experts to build custom Swimlane Playbooks easily and quickly. It uses modular and reusable components to extend the value of Dragos’ playbooks to streamline incident response by automating actions across both IT and OT environments.
  • Native IOC Correlation: The integration supports the sharing of native and historical information within IT and OT environments. Native correlation enables analysts to see how previous cases with the same IOCs were resolved, providing insights into the business logic used to triage the threat and to enable recognition of persistent threats over time.

“The Swimlane and Dragos integration allows industrial organizations to speed detection and recovery from cyber threats,” said Matt Cowell, Global VP of Business Development at Dragos. “The integration pairs the Dragos Platform’s ability to identify and guide remediation for threat behaviors in OT with Swimlane’s automation across IT and OT environments. With accelerated mean time to recovery, responders can be more efficient and ultimately strengthen their security posture.”

“Without prioritizing and implementing strong ICS-specific security controls, industrial organizations risk catastrophic consequences,” said Jason D. Christopher, Vice President of Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation at Energy Impact Partners. “Both leaders in their respective categories, Swimlane and Dragos together offer a powerful solution that empowers industrial organizations to rapidly respond to evolving threats and overcome complex security challenges.”

Key Resources:

About Swimlane
Swimlane delivers automation for the entire security organization. Swimlane Turbine is the AI-enabled, low-code security automation platform that unifies security teams, tools, and telemetry in-and-beyond the SOC into a single system of record to reduce process and data fatigue while quantifying business value and ensuring overall security effectiveness.

Learn more: swimlane.com

Request a Demo: swimlane.com/demo

About Dragos, Inc.

Dragos has a global mission to safeguard civilization from those trying to disrupt the industrial infrastructure we depend on every day. The Dragos Platform offers the most effective industrial cybersecurity technology, giving customers visibility into their ICS/OT assets, vulnerabilities, threats, and response actions. The strength behind the Dragos Platform comes from our ability to codify Dragos’s industry-leading OT threat intelligence, and insights from the Dragos services team, into the software. Our community-focused approach gives you access to the largest array of industrial organizations participating in collective defense, with the broadest visibility available.  

Our solutions protect organizations across a range of industries, including electric, oil & gas, manufacturing, building automation systems, chemical, government, water, food & beverage, mining, transportation, and pharmaceutical. Dragos is privately held and headquartered in the Washington, DC area with regional presence around the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Middle East.

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