Enable Drives Millions in Rebate ROI, 100% Growth of Rebate Programs According to Canalys Ecosystem Multiplier Study

Third-party, independent study finds that Enable’s rebate management platform delivers a strong ROI to its client base of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and buying groups

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AndrewButtEnable, the rebate management platform, released an independent ROI study conducted by Canalys, a leading global technology market analyst firm. The Ecosystem Multiplier Study analyzed customers’ financial outcomes, operational efficiencies, and sentiments through a series of interviews, focusing on factors customers listed as key drivers of value using the Enable product.

The study found that companies using Enable’s rebate management platform captured significant ROI in terms of financial savings, revenue growth, streamlined timelines, and rebate program expansion.

Key findings include:

  • Substantial financial savings: Distributors using Enable reported savings of up to $2.5 million through enhanced rebate efficiencies.
  • Revenue growth: Distributors reported a 40% year-on-year increase in total revenue from rebate programs after integrating Enable’s solutions.
  • Streamlined payment timeframes: In a world where cash flow is of the utmost importance, implementing the Enable platform slashed payment timeframes from 12 to four weeks.
  • Expansion of vendor rebate programs: Retailers have expanded their vendor rebate programs by over 100%, which in turn drove 83% growth in rebate income within just one year.

“Rebates are the grease that keeps the supply chain running,” said Andrew Butt, Co-founder and CEO of Enable. “As opposed to pricing discounts, rebates require a goal to be met, and in this way, they ensure trading partners operate as seamless extensions of each other. We are thrilled to have partnered with Canalys to confirm that customers receive tremendous ROI from Enable, and we are excited to provide increasingly more companies with access to a rebate management platform that gives them comprehensive deal support, collaboration with trading partners, and full control over all their rebate programs.”

The Canalys Enable Ecosystem Multiplier Study is available for download here: https://enable.com/reports/canalys-report


Enable helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers take control of their rebate programs and turn them into an engine for growth. Starting with finance and commercial teams, Enable helps companies to better manage rebate complexity with automated real-time data and insights, accurate forecasting, and stronger cross-functional alignment. This lets companies — and everyone in their business — know exactly where they are with rebates. Then they can extend Enable externally to suppliers and customers, setting them up with one collaborative place to author, agree, execute, and track the progress of their trading relationships.


Kristen Grossi



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