LaunchDarkly Unveils Software Release Platform for the “Ship at the Speed of Now” Era

OAKLAND, Calif., May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LaunchDarkly, the platform that helps engineers build products that customers love, set the stage for “shipping at the speed of now” with today’s unveiling of groundbreaking features, empowering engineering teams to streamline releases and accelerate the pace of innovation. These capabilities were announced during the product keynote at the company’s user conference, Galaxy ‘24, which is taking place from May 21-22 in San Francisco.

During the Galaxy ‘24 product keynote on May 21, LaunchDarkly’s CEO Dan Rogers and Chief Product Officer Claire Vo shared four imperatives for organizations that want to ship at the speed of now: 1) recognizing the critical role that developer experience plays, 2) promoting safer release practices, 3) harnessing the power of AI to drive organizational transformation, and 4) accelerating overall innovation velocity. LaunchDarkly’s Software Release Platform now includes:

  • Enterprise release management and automation to empower engineering leaders to standardize and automate critical aspects of the software release process through Release Assistant. Additionally, the new LaunchDarkly Command Line Interface (CLI), and a LaunchDarkly extension for GitHub Copilot will enhance feature management workflows, enabling smoother and more efficient releases.
  • Release Guardian, engineered to help teams preemptively identify and rectify software performance issues before they escalate into customer-facing problems. This proactive approach will help ensure seamless user experiences, and enhance overall reliability.
  • Advanced Experimentation, which allows engineering, product and data science teams to measure and optimize the business impact of every release and feature.
  • LaunchDarkly for the AI Engineer, including AI Prompt and Model Templates, an AI Variation Builder, and a GenAI Experiment Builder to facilitate building better experiments, faster.

“Developers, engineers, and business leaders each have their own distinct goals when it comes to building products. Engineering teams are focused on removing bottlenecks so they can get back to what they do best: building. Meanwhile, leaders are focused on application stability and outshining the competition,” said Claire Vo, CPO at LaunchDarkly. “When you add in AI and a push towards automation, speed and risk both increase. Our aim with these new product capabilities is to bridge these gaps to empower cross-functional teams to ship great product and raise the bar for how teams release software.”

Every industry is reliant on software and customers have come to expect seamless experiences when interacting with a business’s website and apps. As a result, innovation at every stage of delivery is necessary for success. With the addition of new capabilities focused on increasing the speed of innovation, the LaunchDarkly platform equips engineers and developers with the tools they need to build better, more stable products for their customers without risk.

Galaxy is the leading event for software builders and DevOps innovators. During this year’s two-day event at Pier 27 in San Francisco, LaunchDarkly users attended hands-on workshops and trainings to learn more about the platform’s features; heard from guest speakers from companies like OpenAI, Google, and Rent the Runway; and participated in an AI Hackathon sponsored by AWS.

To learn more about LaunchDarkly’s new product capabilities, visit LaunchDarkly’s product blog. Additionally, to see the full agenda and watch session replays from Galaxy ‘24 visit

About LaunchDarkly

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