Mentimeter Launches Generative AI, Giving Leaders and Educators the Power to Transform Meetings and Classrooms Into Interactive Experiences

STOCKHOLM, Sweden–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AItoolsMentimeter, the world’s leading engagement platform, is proud to unveil its latest capabilities powered by generative AI. With the launch of the “AI Menti Builder,” users can now effortlessly accelerate creating draft interactive presentations, known as “Mentis,” through simple prompts. This feature enables users to turn ideas, agendas and outlines into live polls, quizzes and conversation starters, in seconds, further assisting their efficiency and productivity.

The AI Menti Builder marks the engagement platform’s most recent advancement. By leveraging the power of generative AI, Mentimeter users can now generate designed drafts tailored to their specific needs and objectives, with just a prompt. The AI analyzes the intent and crafts a purpose-built presentation following Mentimeter’s knowledge base of best practices for facilitating meetings and classes. Within seconds, users are equipped with a ready-to-edit Menti regardless of whether it is a workshop, quiz, seminar, poll, retrospective, or any other type of session they intend to host, along with the corresponding topic.

Mentimeter has long been recognized as the go-to engagement platform, used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies and a majority of the world’s leading universities, empowering them to transform traditional presentations, meetings, and lectures into engaging experiences. Whether facilitating in-person or remote meetings or classes, Mentimeter fosters active participation through interactive polls, comments, and reactions, turning passive audiences into engaged contributors.

“Our customers highlight that they often lack sufficient time to level-up traditional one-way presentations into sessions that encourage active participation. Instead of creating slides from scratch, users can now ask the AI Menti Builder to generate the interactive questions for them and quickly receive a Menti draft to refine. This new capability not only saves time but also assists users to focus on delivering impactful content and engaging their audience effectively, ensuring they enter and lead their meetings and classes more effectively,” said Niklas Ingvar, co-founder at Mentimeter.

The AI Menti Builder incorporates Mentimeter’s facilitation best practice knowledge on top of Open AI’s technology and is offered as a free feature to all Mentimeter users, reflecting Mentimeter’s commitment to letting users become the best facilitators, teachers, and leaders they can be.

For more information on Mentimeter and its Generative AI capabilities, learn more here.

For a video about the AI Menti Builder, view here

About Mentimeter

Mentimeter is a SaaS platform dedicated to transforming group learning and communication into inclusive and engaging experiences. Used by 99% of leading universities and 95% of Fortune 500 companies, Mentimeter simplifies the process of gathering live feedback and encouraging active participation to help educators and business professionals achieve better outcomes and increased productivity in meetings, training sessions, and classrooms.

Mentimeter was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Stockholm, with rapidly expanding offices in Toronto and Sydney, our mission is to foster environments where every voice can be heard and valued.


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