Rivery and Sigma New Partnership Simplifies Data Insights for Non-Technical Users

Alliance unites Rivery’s 200+ fully managed data sources with powerful data visualizations from Sigma’s cloud platform. Empowers companies transitioning to data and AI-driven operating models by removing reliance on internal data teams to access timely information

New York, May 1, 2024 Rivery, a leading modern data integration platform, announced today its strategic partnership with Sigma, a leader in cloud-native analytics and business intelligence. The alliance brings non-technical stakeholders closer to data by creating a better understanding of vital cloud data streams in cloud data platforms like Snowflake and Databricks to improve key decision-making.  

“By collaborating with Sigma, we are making access to in-depth insights for business users as easy as turning on a light switch,” said Scott Hanrahan, Global VP of Partnerships and Sales at Rivery. “Both Rivery and Sigma boast a user-friendly design that can be easily adopted by any data team member, regardless of their expertise. Being cloud-native and flexible, they seamlessly integrate into any custom workflow. Rivery acts as the essential data engineering resource within a data team, facilitating faster development of end-to-end pipelines.”

The collaboration of Rivery and Sigma empowers businesses by harnessing Rivery’s comprehensive suite of over 200 fully managed data sources including marketing, CRM, finance, databases, and other common sources. This expedites the influx of data into data warehouses, data lakes, and the seamless orchestration of transformations within the same pipelines. As a result, data analysis is accelerated across the organization, fostering increased demand for a data and AI-driven business approach.

“Rivery and Sigma allowed us to shift our data team efforts from chasing an endless queue of ad-hoc data questions to delivering answers through better models in our warehouse that can be easily explored by our data consumers,” said Dean Demerrit, Data Analytics and Engineering Manager at SENTA a Shore Capital Partners portfolio company. 

The combination of the platforms through Rivery’s Sigma Workbook Materialization Kit enables the quick transformation of enterprise data programs with cloud-native tools presenting the latest data available for real-time decision-making. The kit reduces computing and data warehouse costs with Rivery ingesting data into cloud data warehouses, transforming the data and proactively activating fresh insights within Sigma dashboards. The integration improves the user experience for Rivery and Sigma customers that could have resulted in outdated data being presented in Sigma by having to pre-schedule data warehouse refreshes.

“We advocate for the adoption of real-time data analysis across all organizations to enhance decision-making speed and quality,” said Justin Thomas, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Sigma. “Through the collaboration of Rivery and Sigma, the process of delivering actionable insights to the entire organization is simplified, without the need for additional personnel or infrastructure development. Our innovative partnership with Rivery empowers data-informed businesses to effortlessly integrate, transform, orchestrate, analyze, and activate their data.”

This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Rivery’s customers to fully leverage Sigma’s intuitive spreadsheet interface, allowing any user to create spreadsheets and dashboards to answer business questions without having to rely on a data team to deliver those insights.

About Rivery

Rivery makes data integration simple for businesses of any size by unifying over 200 fully managed data sources via a modern data integration platform. Founded in 2019, the company has over 350 customers including top brands Bayer, SodaStream, American Cancer Society, and EMAAR Properties. Rivery is valuable for data analysts and data engineers alike with the platform’s ability to rapidly and easily connect to any data source and manage data pipelines at scale. Learn more about Rivery at rivery.io.

About Sigma

Sigma is a cloud analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and gather insights from their cloud data platform. It requires no code or special training to explore billions of rows, augments with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in real-time.  

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