Trivver Announces Acceptance Into Google for Startups Cloud Program

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trivver, a Florida-based tech company, announced today that it has entered the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This initiative provides emerging startups access to resources, including mentorship, training, and cloud infrastructure, as well as early access to Google Cloud rapidly expanding evolutionary Web3 technology stack.

Trivver has created a comprehensive XR Ad Platform with two main focuses: first, enhancing traditional advertising by bridging Web2 into the Web3 space, and second, accelerating the 3D immersive space by rapidly transforming conventional 3D files into Smart Object files. These Smart Object files include Trivver’s auto-scaling feature, allowing them to be easily integrated across multiple 3D environments. Once integrated, the platform meticulously measures invaluable data, capturing online events such as viewing, interaction, and navigation events using patented data analytics technology. Trivver processes these signals through high-scale data pipelines built on Google Cloud including Pub/Sub, BigTable, Dataproc, and Cloud SQL. Further, Trivver tracks system KPI’s directly in Metrics Explorer and uses BigQuery Studio to support its internal data needs. Utilizing Google Cloud’s SDK, Trivver now has the ability to reduce the time required to deploy new or ephemeral environments, bypassing the traditional cycle of branching source code or deploying split tests normally required to rapidly innovate digital products.

Trivver’s relationship with Google Cloud allows the company to operate entirely without servers, instead using Cloud Run, Cloud Scheduler, Artifact Registry, and Secret Manager. This further increases Trivver’s cost efficiency and its ability to deliver value for its advertising clients and agency partners. By successfully collaborating with Google Cloud through its startup program, Trivver has now transitioned all its web-based experiences from Google Cloud Storage fronted by Global Load Balancers; an enhancement that allows the company to scale their experiences in a highly efficient and secure manner.

“In the realm of Web3, artificial intelligence relies significantly on data; without it, Al cannot function, so we’re thrilled to be expanding our relationship with Google Cloud through the Google for Startups Cloud Program. Working with Google Cloud will help us reduce deployment lead times and drive significant innovation with Al for Web3, including personalized 3D digital environments,” said Joel LaMontagne, Trivver CEO and Founder.

Trivver’s latest announcement follows the news that it recently secured 34 patents that encompass the placement of 3D files in immersive digital environments and the quantification of viewability metrics and user engagement metric, bringing its total patent portfolio to 74 US and international patents that greatly advance the technology and measurability of 3D digital environments and solve the convergence of Web2 and Web3 advertising with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

About Trivver

Trivver is a category-defining Al analytics company that allows companies to personalize, place, analyze and track 3D branded objects within unlimited immersive environments and traditional ads in order to maximize a brand’s ROI.

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