Introducing Omegro: A Global Collective of Technology Businesses Offering a Permanent and Safe Home to Provide Long-Term Sustainable Growth for the World’s Most Impactful Software Companies

TORONTO, June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today marks the official launch of Omegro, a new, global organization bringing together businesses from Volaris, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU), that support customers across all aspects of the supply chain and supporting eco-system. 

Omegro’s businesses offer a wide range of software applications such as warehousing & inventory control, ERP & CRM, fleet & logistics management, asset maintenance and process automation. Kevin Bradley and Troy O’Connor have been named Co-CEOs.

Omegro is home to more than 30 business units representing over 15,000 customers, 2,000 employees, operating from 40 offices and serves customers in more than 70 countries around the world. Today’s launch of Omegro, brings these businesses together under a global values-based banner, with a people-first focus to provide a permanent and safe home for software companies seeking to continue their legacy and provide long-term sustainable growth for their people and their businesses.

Omegro’s businesses maintain their brands and continue to service customers with the support of a larger organization with Omegro. Businesses can access Omegro’s best practices, industry leadership and global presence.

Omegro is made up of Adapt IT, Akuiteo, AMS Life Insurance and Workforce Management, CentroAssist, CPR Vision, Drams, Evolis, FIVE x 5, Gaina, Helm, Holocentric Enterprise and Holocentric Federal Government, IDEA, Incom, Infoview, Lutra, Shipnet, Smartrak, Spectec and Spectec Cruise, ValuePro and Worldwide Chain Stores.

Kevin Bradley and Troy O’Connor have been named Omegro’s Co-CEOs responsible for capital generation and capital deployment respectively. Both Bradley and O’Connor have deep global experience managing software businesses across the wide spectrum of software solutions.

Bradley has had an impressive career leading successful software businesses across multiple sectors including financial services, supply chain and FMCG. Having joined Constellation Software Inc. over a decade ago through acquisition and having acquired and grown multiple businesses along the way, Bradley is an expert on the best practices required to run a world-class software business. “Omegro’s operational expertise, global reach, and commitment to talent development make it a great home for software companies. We recognize that each business we acquire has spent many years to build their own unique culture and as a Culture of Cultures, we want to protect that; we want to grow that, and we want to retain that brand identity within the wider family of Omegro.”

O’Connor’s career spans over 25 years in the software industry having started in consulting before spending 10+ years as a co-founder of a software business. He joined Constellation Software Inc. in 2017 via the acquisition of Smartrak, where he was the CEO. Smartrak remains an Omegro portfolio company today. During his time at Constellation Software, O’Connor has had senior roles across both operations and M&A that has included leading numerous acquisitions of Omegro portfolio companies.  “Omegro provides founders and professional CEOs a permanent and safe home where they can continue their legacy and commitment to a journey of continuous improvement in their people and their businesses,” said Troy O’Connor, Co-CEO, Omegro, “As we never sell a business, we are able to support permanent growth that is repeatable over the long term.” 

Commenting on the launch, Mike Dufton, CEO of Volaris Group said, “We have purposefully created an environment of decentralized growth at Constellation Software, where our portfolios can create unique cultures, all bound by our commitment to buy and hold great software companies. I’m inspired by Troy and Kevin’s commitment to excellence and their unrelenting focus on talent, leadership development and growth. The Omegro family of companies have not only a permanent and safe home for their teams and technology, but also a thriving culture of growth that extends to both the businesses we own and the leaders and teams that run them.”

Dufton continued, “I think the time is right for the creation of Omegro and I’m proud of the role that Volaris Group has played in incubating this great collective of companies.”

About Omegro
Omegro, a portfolio within Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU), is a people first, buy and grow acquirer of software companies looking for a permanent and safe home to continue their legacy and provide long-term sustainable growth for their people, their business, and their stakeholders. For more information visit

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