Nord Security reveals its greenhouse gas emissions for the first time

Nord Security is publishing its annual Impact Report for 2023 with a first-ever calculation of greenhouse gas emissions, social initiatives, state-of-the-art office opening, and impressive growth.

LONDON, June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nord Security, home to NordVPN, NordLayer, NordPass, NordLocker, NordStellar and Saily, has published its second annual Impact Report on the past year’s impact and achievements. It reveals Nord Security’s efforts to advance its mission to build a radically better internet and positively impact people, communities, and the environment.

“At Nord Security, we strive to make no compromises, neither with the quality and accessibility of our cybersecurity solutions nor the steps we take to build a more sustainable world. We’re excited to share our 2023 Impact Report and showcase our efforts to build a radically better internet for the radically better future,” says Nord Security co-founder Eimantas Sabaliauskas.

Below are some noteworthy highlights. The full report can be found here.

From sustainable growth to sustainability in full

A financially sustainable growth model confirmed its eligibility and allowed securing a new investment round led by Warburg Pincus, raising $100 million and reaching a valuation of $3 billion in September. In addition, Nord Security also focused efforts in making a positive impact beyond sustainable growth and cybersecurity.

Nord Security surveyed over 5,000 individuals, including employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and NGOs to define key directions of further improvements. By addressing these critical topics — ranging from climate change and renewable energy to diversity and inclusion — the company has defined the primary areas of responsibility to shape a future strategy.

Moreover, Nord Security took a step further and joined the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) – becoming part of a community dedicated to making the world a better place by promoting human rights, protecting the environment, and fighting corruption.

Bigger steps for a smaller footprint

Last year, Nord Security conducted the first-ever emissions calculations. They cover the emissions that the company owns or controls directly, such as leased cars and fuel consumption, and indirectly through the purchase or use of energy to power and heat office spaces and colocated servers in data centers.

The total amount of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2023 was 476.4 tCO2e*. While around 52% of Nord Security’s colocated servers already use renewable energy, the company will explore options to further increase the use of renewable energy in server infrastructure.

Already in 2023, Nord Security expanded its operations with new BREEAM-certified offices in Warsaw and in Vilnius, reducing environmental impact through energy-saving measures, recycling, and innovative ventilation systems. As a way to reaffirm the commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, this year Nord Security will calculate the indirect emissions in the value chain that are beyond the company’s control. This will reveal areas for reduction and guide in setting carbon reduction targets to limit global warming.

Changing the internet for good

Product donations continue to be one of Nord Security’s mechanisms for supporting the nonprofit community. Over 2,500 accounts were donated to vulnerable groups and individuals online to help protect human rights, fight racism, and stand for inclusion and a safe digital world for all.

The company continued to support the people of Ukraine and several other civil society organizations, ranging from environmental protection to supporting the elderly. In support of Ukraine, together with Tesonet, Nord Security doubled the $1 million raised by the Lithuanian people for the Radarom initiative. The initiative helped to fund multi-functional radars that now protect critical civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

In 2023, Nord Security continued to promote cybersecurity education by providing tests, articles, and short videos to our education hub. The company also supported 23 hackathons in 2023, where participants collaborated to develop innovative solutions to various challenges.

* To put this in perspective, 1 tCO2e is roughly equivalent to the emissions generated by driving a gasoline-powered passenger vehicle for around 4,000 kilometers or charging more than 66,000 smartphones.


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