ShadowHQ Launches Playbook Manager to Simplify and Streamline Cyber Incident Management

Automated Cyber Incident Response Playbooks Help Response Teams Create, Manage and Resolve Critical Events for Faster Recovery

TORONTO, ON — June 24, 2024 — Incident preparedness and response solution provider ShadowHQ today announced the launch of its Playbook Manager to help incident preparedness and response teams automate incident playbooks for faster response and recovery outcomes.

Cybersecurity, IT and business continuity teams rely on incident playbooks to manage critical events and ensure operational and cyber resiliency. Yet when a critical incident occurs, locating static playbooks, and mobilizing and coordinating response efforts can take hours, risking recovery delays, operational downtime and financial losses. 

The ShadowHQ platform is a secure, out-of-band incident management solution that provides an organization’s response team with all of the tools needed to plan for and respond to critical events like cyber-attacks, outages or natural disasters. Playbook Manager enriches the platform’s incident preparedness and response capabilities by automating existing and static response plans to support real-time activation and action.  

Nick Scozzaro

“Playbook Manager is a game changer for incident response teams,” said Nick Scozzaro, Co-founder and CEO at ShadowHQ. “Traditionally, incident playbooks are static PDF or text documents that may be outdated and often overlooked when they are needed most. It’s not uncommon to have different playbooks in place across every business unit and stored in different locations — Playbook Manager is a next-gen approach to playbook activation. It unites response teams from across the business, and details clear and up-to-date objectives to ensure a smooth and speedy response.” 

 Key ShadowHQ Playbook Manager features include:

  • Centralization — Align program managers and incident responders from across the business with tailored and actionable playbooks that can be securely accessed from anywhere on desktop or on mobile devices. 
  • Automation — Digitize and automate early response actions, saving hours of critical response and remediation time.
  • Improved time to respond — Deploy response actions quickly, efficiently and in real-time to minimize downtime and mitigate potential damages.
  • Accessibility — Securely and centrally host digital playbooks in ShadowHQ’s out-of-band platform and easily export all playbooks into PDFs or Word Documents for back-up access.
  • Accuracy — Easily update and modify playbook details on a regular or as-needed basis to ensure clear communication, activity ownership and response accuracy.
  • Compliance — Maintain up-to-date documentation that meets and demonstrates regulatory compliance requirements specific to incident response and handling procedures.

“ShadowHQ’s Playbook Manager has transformed our approach to crisis and incident management,”  said Taiga Walker, a ShadowHQ customer and Sr. Cyber Threat Analyst at Arcadia, a healthcare data technology company. “By digitizing and automating our response playbooks, it not only makes our operations more efficient, but also guarantees that we are prepared, proactive and robust, no matter the challenges we face. ShadowHQ and its Playbook Manager are invaluable; the platform centralizes critical information, ensuring compliance and rapid deployment capabilities that are crucial for minimizing downtime and mitigating risks effectively. It’s not just a tool — it’s an essential part of our strategy to stay ahead in an ever-evolving threat landscape.”

“ShadowHQ is an extremely powerful tool,” said Ken Buckler, Research Director at IT industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “Speaking from my time as an active cybersecurity practitioner, having policy and playbook templates readily available is a massive time saver. From a market perspective, ShadowHQ is revolutionizing the incident response space. Its platform and Playbook Manager bring together critical functionality and practical features into a single, easy-to-use solution.”

The ShadowHQ Playbook Manager is available now as part of the ShadowHQ platform. Security practitioners can access pricing information and see Playbook Manager in action by visiting:

About ShadowHQ

ShadowHQ offers a secure, out-of-band incident preparedness and response platform that helps cybersecurity leaders and disaster recovery teams simplify and streamline incident response. The platform acts as a virtual bunker, keeping teams visible and in control with centralized playbooks and document storage, secure communications, real-time activities tracking, post-incident reporting, self-serve tabletop exercises and more. Visit to learn more. 

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