UneeQ Integrates ElevenLabs’ Advanced AI Voices for Unmatched Lifelike Digital Human Interactions

Austin, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – June 24, 2024) – UneeQ has announced the integration of ElevenLabs’ suite of AI voices into its proprietary digital human animation platform, Synanim™, making digital human avatars that look, move, gesture, and now, speak with unprecedented realism. With this integration, UneeQ now seamlessly incorporates ElevenLabs’ AI voices for use in real-time animations enabling brands to engage with their customers more authentically.

A pioneer in digital human technology, UneeQ adds one of the most respected AI voice platforms to its offerings with this integration. ElevenLabs is recognized as an AI voice platform of choice for 38% of Fortune 500 companies, generating over one million minutes of synthesized speech monthly. With the integration, UneeQ digital humans can now speak with diverse emotional inflections and contextual awareness.

Transforming Customer Engagement Across Industries

UneeQ’s clients can now assimilate the AI voice they’ve created with ElevenLabs directly into their UneeQ digital humans to enhance their brand experience and image. This enables brands to engage in real-time conversations with customers in their own brand voices, enhancing staff training, brand marketing, event activations, and e-commerce experiences. The combined speed and efficiency of both platforms ensure these interactions are low-latency and high-caliber, setting a new standard for the digital human industry.

Brands that utilize UneeQ digital humans are the first to benefit, including companies like Deutsche Telekom, Mercedez-Benz Consulting, L’Oreal, Dell Technologies and Qatar Airways, the latter of which recently launched the first interactive digital human cabin assistant into its immersive QVerse.

Unparalleled Realism in Generative AI

“We’re raising the bar for what our clients can expect with digital humans. Lifelike voices and animation means deeper connections, ElevenLabs is a critical element to achieve that,” says Danny Tomsett, CEO, UneeQ.

“We’re the only digital human company offering real-time, expressive ElevenLabs audio integration matched by Synanim’s™ movements, gestures, warmth, empathy, and multilingual capabilities that embody a brand. While other providers may utilize AI voices for pre-recorded content, we’re breaking new ground by enabling these voices to work more quickly in real-time,” adds Tomsett.

According to Gartner, the digital human economy is on track to become a US $125 billion market by 2035, dwarfing the estimated $5 billion chatbot market. The move by UneeQ and ElevenLabs anticipates this trend, readying for a future where half of B2B buyers will engage with digital humans in their buying cycle by 2026. The trend will build: most B2C enterprise CMOs are expected to allocate dedicated budgets for digital human technology by 2027.

The integration gives brands access to ElevenLabs voices in 29 languages. The UneeQ digital humans can switch languages in real-time. Brands can also use ElevenLabs’ voice cloning to replicate the voice of their ambassadors, mascots or spokespeople, with their explicit consent, to make real-time conversations possible with their avatars via the UneeQ digital human platform.

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About UneeQ: UneeQ is a global leader in digital human technology, providing lifelike and emotionally intelligent AI-powered virtual beings for businesses seeking to elevate customer experiences. UneeQ’s platform enables organizations to create highly personalized interactions that drive engagement, foster trust, and deliver exceptional value.

About ElevenLabs: ElevenLabs creates the most realistic, versatile and contextually-aware AI audio, providing the ability to generate speech in hundreds of new and existing voices in 29 languages. As a technology research company, ElevenLabs is at the forefront of developing new cutting-edge voice AI. We deploy the most advanced models and features accessible via web app or API to a user base from creators to publishers and beyond.

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