Reasons Your Office Should Learn to Code

A few years ago, it didn’t seem like that many people were discussing coding. Sure, they were discussing it if they worked for Microsoft, Apple, or another tech company, but it wasn’t on everybody’s radar the way it is today.

Things like coding boot camps are on the rise as more and more people realize the advantages of learning a programming language like Java, Python, or C++. You may not think your office has much to do with coding, but you’re probably wrong, as coding has more uses than you can imagine. That’s especially true if you live in a super-competitive city like New York. Here are some viable reasons to explore offering coding classes to your Big Apple office team.

It gives you more control over projects

Let’s say your company wants to develop its own app. Apps can be a useful way to connect with customers as well as collect their personal data. In general, an app is a way more personalized experience than logging onto the company’s website and looking for something.

Now, apps are complex and expensive to develop. Your office isn’t going to take a coding class one week and start developing a fancy mobile app the next. But if a few people get good enough at understanding various software languages, you can turn to them for help with certain aspects of the app. Doing things in-house means you don’t have to pay an outside development team extra money.

Learning to code can also help you with more mundane activities, as well. Just about every company has to run and compile reports. SSRS Training in NYC can help your team make better reports by using data in a smarter, more efficient manner.

It offers employees chances for development

Obviously, you want your employees to focus on their office job first and foremost. That’s not an unreasonable expectation. Unfortunately, the price of living in New York City is the opposite of reasonable. The cost of living in Manhattan isn’t double the national average— it’s more than that. If you don’t want to live in Manhattan, we don’t blame you, but you should still be prepared to pay about 69 percent more than the national average.

At a certain point, paying your employees well isn’t enough. You also have to give them the flexibility to pursue other opportunities as they arise. There are still plenty of New Yorkers in their thirties, forties, and beyond who have one or more roommates. A little freelance income can be the difference between living alone in a studio or living with three other people in a two-bedroom apartment.

It’s common to associate freelancing with things like writing and the arts, but there’s also a significant amount of demand for freelancers who know how to code. There are hundreds of thousands of freelancers in New York, and about a quarter of them work in some sort of creative field. The rest work in fields like “technical services” or “professional services.” Those are both pretty broad categories, and the people hiring freelancers in those fields are going to need coding work at some point. Coding is just too big a part of our daily lives for it to not be a factor.

On the job coding training is beneficial for the company’s growth and also offers your employees the chance to develop new skills. It’s a win-win that can save you significant money on outside hires on the long run.

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