5 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement In Your Tech Firm

By Dan Munson

According to research, only 3 in 10 employees are satisfied with their job. They feel motivated to do more for the company and help it achieve its goals. This means that almost 70% percent of the workforce is not motivated. This is worrying because the success of your business depends on your worker’s productivity levels. An unmotivated workforce slows down progress and limits your firm’s growth. How can you go about solving the problem? Well, appropriate use of technology could be the answer. Here are a few ways that you can use to improve worker morale:

1. Working Remotely

Thanks to the internet, workers can work from home or any other location that they find convenient. In fact, studies show that employees are more productive when they work remotely. These workers become motivated because they feel as if the company trusts them well enough to allow them to manage their workflow. You can create a flexible schedule that allows employees to work from home when they want to do so. As a way to smoothen the work flow with such workers, you can use secure cloud file sharing platforms to send and receive important company documents.

2. Make Virtual Learning Fun

Another way that you can use technology to get workers motivated is by using games. Instead of creating the normal e-learning course work for training purposes, try to make a game out of it. When you ‘gamify’ the content, it becomes more interesting, and workers are likely to get motivated by the competition. They will take part in the training with the main purpose of competing with each other and comparing scores. However, before you undertake such a project, analyze the work place to see if such an endeavor is a good fit for your firm.

3. Let Employees use their Gadgets

It’s a fact that millenials make up the majority of the workforce. This group of people has grown up with technology and loves to use it. Therefore, if you want such employees to be productive, don’t try to limit their gadget usage. Find creative ways of allowing them to use their smartphones or tablets to execute office work. Let them know that they are free to you use their gadgets as long as they complete office tasks on time. Give them creative freedom to find solutions to problems using their gadgets. When you allow your employees to use something that they’re familiar with, you lift their spirits and make them more productive.

4. Worker Recognition

One thing that makes workers feel less motivated to work is the lack of recognition. People want to be appreciated for what they do. You can create a communication platform for all your employees. You can use that media to communicate any upcoming events for the company, remind workers about certain deadlines, and most importantly to congratulate top performers. Encourage the management to acknowledge the achievements by workers openly without any favoritism or bias. You should also encourage peer-to-peer appreciation through the media. That way, employees learn to congratulate one another and motivate themselves. Such workers are likely to return the favor by recommending your firm to family and friends, leading a to a high employee net promoter score. Therefore, appreciate your workers.

5. Mobile Learning and Training

Instead of using the traditional way of training employees, you need to embrace mobile learning. Let employees learn from anywhere and at anytime. Modern workers have a lot to deal with, especially the younger generation. They have an online presence to maintain, family to take care of, and personal interests and hobbies. When you embrace virtual learning in the workplace, you encourage the employees to be themselves and go after what they want without forgetting their company responsibilities. As a result, they are likely to be more motivated to learn and help the firm meet its goals.

You can use the mentioned 5 ways to keep workers in your tech firm engaged and more motivated. As much as tech is helpful, you have to know how to use it appropriately for maximum effectiveness.

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