How The pelzGROUP Digitalizes Its Production IT

The HYDRA shop floor supports the operators at work

(PresseBox) (Mosbach, 21.03.19) The pelzGROUP has implemented the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA from MPDV with the objective of automating data collection in the shop floor. In a first project phase, the manufacturer of high-quality articles for beauty and body care implemented the HYDRA modules Shop Floor Data (BDE) and Machine Data (MDE). Since then, the use of paper-based time tickets has been a thing of the past.

The pelzGROUP produces daily 50,000 packaging units. A HYDRA shop floor terminal directly connected to the machine supports the operators in their daily work and always displays a current data status. HYDRA is connected via an interface to the ERP system that was developed in-house and key figures such as the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) can be calculated at the push of a button. An internal team has developed and patented a terminal for the connection of machines, which at the same time allows an easy data input for the operators.

No more paper waste for holiday applications

The pelzGROUP also uses the HYDRA modules Time & Attendance (PZE) and Personnel Time Management (PZW), which has reduced the amount of paper to zero when applying for holidays. These HR functions also form the basis for the Personnel Scheduling with HYDRA PEP. In addition to the shift and year models stored in HYDRA, the qualifications of the production employees are also factored in. That simplifies the personnel management in production. The Access Control (ZKS) module integrated in HYDRA guarantees that only authorized employees can enter the company premises as well as critical areas in production.

“To give all the improvements and potentials a name we have established the lean project “move” for our employees to identify with. “move” stands for motivation, organization, improvements and efficiency. The MES HYDRA is for us the essential tool”, says Tim Hamann, Head of Production Optimization at pelzGROUP.

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