2bPrecise honored as recipient of the 2020 Microsoft Health Innovation Awards

Precision medicine platform delivers innovative clinical-genomic workflow that providers can leverage at the point of care

CHICAGO & PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–2bPrecise™ Precision Health™ platform has been named a recipient of Microsoft Corp.’s 2020 Health Innovation Awards, in the category of “Reimagine Healthcare.”

The awards recognize health organizations and their technology solution partners for using Microsoft’s technology solutions in innovative ways that help enable personalized care, empower care teams, improve operational outcomes, protect health information and ultimately reimagine healthcare. The 2020 winners are impacting the industry by creating breakthrough solutions that empower health and life sciences organizations, while meeting global, local and industry-specific compliance and security standards.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX), 2bPrecise consumes genetic/genomic data from molecular labs and clinical information from EHRs. It synthesizes these elements into a clinical-genomic ontology and brings the resulting insights into the provider’s workflow.

The award nomination featured the precision-medicine success achieved by Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and SurgiCenter in Tennessee (MMC) for its use of pharmacogenomic (PGx) test results at the point of care. Shortly after implementing 2bPrecise, MMC providers analyzed PGx results for a select group of patients who were not responding as well to their psychiatric medications as anticipated. Testing revealed a potential drug-gene interaction in a significant number of these patients. Because PGx insights were available within their workflow, clinicians reevaluated their care plans and wrote new prescriptions for 87% of the patients – with 100% of these individuals then reporting marked improvement in their condition.

Assaf Halevy, co-founder and CEO of 2bPrecise, said he and his team are gratified by the Microsoft award. “It is especially meaningful that we were recognized in the ‘reimagine healthcare’ category. That is precisely what we are trying to do – and we are honored to work with innovators like MMC that display such dedication to improving the quality of care.”

Allscripts established 2bPrecise in 2016, charging the company’s leaders with developing a lab- and EHR-agnostic solution that would help the industry bridge the chasm between scientific advances in genetics and genomics, and their practical application at the point of care.

“Precision medicine is quickly becoming the new standard of care,” said Rick Poulton, President and CFO of Allscripts. “Genetic and genomic information, however, represent an entirely new dataset that needs to be integrated with the provider’s every-day workflow. We are committed to enabling clinicians at any organization – ambulatory or inpatient, academic or community-based – to be able to access and use these insights in a timely manner.”

“During this both challenging and transformational time in the healthcare industry, organizations are using technology to profoundly impact how they deliver care, evolve business operations and help people,” said Patty Obermaier, Microsoft Vice President of U.S. Health and Life Sciences. “This year’s Microsoft Health Innovation Award recipients are advancing the goals of improved patient engagement and care coordination through their innovative use of Microsoft devices, platforms and cloud and AI services.”

Nominations were submitted by health providers, payers, pharmaceutical and life science organizations, and public and private health institutions across the world for applying Microsoft technology to create transformative and highly effective innovations. An esteemed panel of industry experts selected this year’s winners based on how their innovations represented a forward-thinking development or implementation of a solution that is delivering groundbreaking results and producing better health outcomes for more people. Recipients will be highlighted on the Microsoft in Health blog at www.Microsoft.com/Health

About 2bPrecise

The cloud-based 2bPrecise platform consumes genetic/genomic data from molecular labs and clinical information from EHRs, synthesizing them into a clinical-genomic ontology. The 2bPrecise Genomic EHR Mentor (GEM™) brings the resulting precision medicine insights into a physician’s EHR workflow for immediate and timely use. With discrete test results consolidated into an invaluable data set, provider organizations are likewise equipped to drive efficient workflows for genomic interventions, extract population analytics, design clinical intervention programs, build cohorts for trial recruitment, enable participation in research studies and more. Learn more at www.2bPreciseHealth.com.

About Allscripts

Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX) is a leader in healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results. Our innovative solutions connect people, places and data across an Open, Connected Community of Health™. Connectivity empowers caregivers and consumers to make better decisions, delivering better care for healthier populations. To learn more, visit www.allscripts.com, Twitter, YouTube and It Takes A Community: The Allscripts Blog.

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