Discover Hits Blunts, the Internet’s Hottest Private Cannabis Community

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2020 / For weed aficionados, cannabis goes beyond the smoke. A passionate, engaged and knowledgeable community where users can explore products, share their thoughts and belong to a select club has become as big a part of the culture as the herb itself.

Due to serious constraints governing the advertising industry, even despite the soaring popularity of Cannabis within the US, its presence online is much less visible.

It takes discerning, in the know aficionado to be able to guide lay consumers to the right online platforms to explore, analyze, and ultimately participate in the thriving Cannabis market.

One of the most user-friendly gateways to the Cannabis market is the Instagram page Hits Blunt.

A members-only digital cannabis culture club that has grown to epic proportions as die-hard fans immortalize the brand and effectively make it a vibrant element of the modern cannabis culture.

With over 3.5 million Instagram followers, Hit Blunts acts as a reliable sounding board for the Cannabis industry consumers. As part of its increasing digital influence, marijuana connoisseurs have championed the platform.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, the community has proven to be a valuable resource that provides a real edge. Cannabis brands call Hits Blunt a place where they can read the temperature of consumers towards their products and provide them valuable feedback for them to review and act upon to refine performance and retention.

Hits Blunt has emerged as the leading online destination for legalized marijuana culture and serves as a springboard for early-stage Cannabis brands seeking early adopters.


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