FGC Group Expands Into Property Side of Cryptocurrency Investment Through Real Estate Development in Africa, Europe

To Meet Rising Investor Demand, Crypto Advisory Expands Options for Property Investment

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2020 / In response to growing interest from the global investment community, one blockchain and fintech advisory is expanding their options for buying property via crypto deposits and crypto-backed real estate.

FGC Group announced today that they will expand their Property Desk to meet demand by property investors by launching a fully tokenised property development in Lagos, Nigeria. Their intention is to empower international investors to take advantage of one of the fastest growing property markets in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy. Potential in this market is significant but with many barriers to entry. FGC’s offering makes it easier and more efficient to enter and exit.

Through FGC’s suite of services, global investors will be able to invest in cryptocurrencies secured by real estate, with the ability to liquidate crypto through the firm’s OTC desk.

Global investors can use cryptocurrencies to purchase a property through FGC’s OTC desk, where they can convert crypto to cash that can be sent to any bank account. They can also purchase properties through the firm’s partnerships with local real estate agents in Europe, Africa, and North America.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the unbanked to invest in Africa and other economies for a small amount of money and with few barriers to entry,” said Tony Evans and Kingsley Kobayashi, Co-Founders of FGC Group. “We are excited to provide an exciting new way for our clients to invest in and own properties around the world with the backing of crypto.”

For more information or to discuss a partnership related to FGC Group’s expansion into the property side of cryptocurrency, go to https://f-g-c.com/ or contact property@f-g-c.com.


FGC Group is a global advisory firm managing more than $350 million in assets. The firm specializes in consulting and services for business, digital assets, digital currency, tokens, blockchain-related projects, and crypto assets. As one of the world’s premier blockchain investment and advisory firms serving both individual and institutional investors, FGC Group creates opportunities for clients to generate and maintain wealth through boutique services integrating leading-edge technologies.

Learn more at FGC Group at http://www.f-g-c.com. Follow the company on Facebook (@fgcgroupholdings), Instagram (@fgcgroup), and Twitter (@fgcgroup).

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