Geoff Tokajer: Leads A New Navy Program to Protect Sailors From Online Exploitation

Online exploitation is a serious issue that faces many people, Sailors included. Geoff Tokajer explains how the Navy’s new program is used to protect them.

MCLEAN, VA / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2020 / Online exploitation is a problem that faces millions of people every year. Those who exploit others online tend to aim their attention towards vulnerable populations but that does not mean other groups are necessarily safe. In fact, thinking you are safe from such behavior can even make you more vulnerable as a result. Motives behind online exploitation can range from financial and proprietary theft to using the cyber domain as a launchpad for weapons of military warfare. In order to keep Sailors and families safe from these threats, the Navy has launched a program intended to educate Sailors and help them understand the threats lurking online that aim to exploit them. Tokajer, Geoffrey explains how this will be implemented in the years to come.

Geoff Tokajer on the Implementation of this New Naval Program

The new program, known as the Identity Management Program, is intended to educate Sailors and their families on the dangers they may face conducting seemingly routine business online. This program will create education and policy for Sailors regarding Internet activities and behaviors to enhance online awesomeness and proficiency, thereby reducing the risk of individual exploitation.Tokajer, Geoffrey explains training would follow in suit, with the primary goal being demonstrable proficiency that a Sailor is capable of keeping his or her personal information safe from bad actors. An Identity Management workforce will assist in facilitating the transformation of digital Navy culture as social media presence can put Sailors at risk. There is no turning back. “We are in the Information Age and the answer isn’t avoiding it, it’s understanding it to minimize risk”, Geoff Tokajer notes.

One of the first things that the program will need to do, Tokajer, Geoffrey points out, is to check out what programs and practices work now and which do not. Some programs and practices will be valuable for an extended period of time and thus do not need to be shaken up arbitrarily; however, many will inevitably be made obsolete or prove to have vulnerabilities that enemies of the United States can easily exploit. Once we are able to figure out what these are, Geoff Tokajer notes, we can then work on evolving or replacing them.

As it is, the Navy has specific social media best practices for sailors to employ that will help reduce potential vulnerabilities to be exploited, which is advice that generally anyone should employ, Tokajer, Geoffrey points out. Make sure that you know the people you are following and who are following you, as someone who you do not know maybe there to exploit vulnerabilities or steal personal information. A good way to mitigate the risk is also to simply be mindful of the information you share. The relevant handbook can be found here. Over the coming months, Tokajer, Geoffrey notes, the Navy will continue to add more training and policy changes.


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