Inuitive and SensibleVision Partner on Zero-Touch 3D Face Recognition

Solution eliminates common sources of contact to keep customers and employees safe and healthy during COVID outbreak

CAPE CORAL, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SensibleVision, a developer of mobile face-recognition technology and Inuitive, a developer of cutting-edge 3D imaging, computer vision, and deep learning (AI) chips, today announced a joint offering that allows businesses to leverage low latency, large-scale 3D face recognition to create a fully contactless customer experience. Fusing SensibleVision’s 3DSafe software with Inuitive’s NU4000AI vision processing chip, the platform allows for fast, accurate and secure in-motion identification of individuals without violating social distancing protocols implemented in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

The joint solution offers the ability to replace high-touch scenarios such as exchange of payment, identification or cardkeys, and even the opening of doors or pressing of buttons, to eliminate common sources of disease spread in settings such as border checkpoints, public transportation, hotels, enterprise campuses, POS transactions, office buildings and hospitals.

“Our collaboration with Inuitive reflects SensibleVision’s focus on developing innovative products that help keep people and information safe,” says George Brostoff, CEO and co-founder of SensibleVision. “Admittedly, that means something a little different in the middle of a pandemic. But we’re proud that our technology can be leveraged to literally save lives as well as help keep business, many of which are struggling due to concerns around disease spread, open.”

“Inuitive offers a turnkey solution to support SensibleVision’s goal of delivering solutions that improve security without sacrificing the customer experience,” said Shlomo Gadot, CEO and founder of Inuitive. “By leveraging our complementary strengths, I believe that together we can help solve some of the key public health problems businesses, hospitals and other organizations are facing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.”

About SensibleVision

SensibleVision is a global leader in multi-factor biometric-driven authentication technologies leveraging 3D facial recognition. For more than a decade, their patented face authentication and continuous security technology has helped banks, technology companies and other organizations reduce fraud. Their flagship solutions offer quick and continuous authentication for computers, tablets, smartphones and mobile apps.

About Inuitive

Inuitive optimizes consumer experiences and enhances competitive advantages in the areas of Augmented & Virtual reality, Drones and Autonomous Cars, among others. Inuitive combines algorithms, ASIC and System solutions to realize the AI practice enabling devices to acquire human capabilities. With AI at its core, Inuitive’s platform includes a 3D Depth Sensing Computer Vision processor and powerful deep learning capabilities, enabling smart devices to become smarter.


Contact for SensibleVision:
Richard Berman

(647) 294 8372

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