LegalShield Saved its Members Over $20 Million in 2019

With Legal Concerns Rising, Millions Find Affordable, Local Legal Advice with Company’s Help –

ADA, Okla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LegalShield, the world’s leading provider of affordable legal and privacy protection plans, announced today that it saved nearly $22 million for plan members in 2019, including money from insurance claims, personal injury and medical malpractice awards, unemployment and worker’s compensation claims, disputed inaccurate billings and debt collections. Over the last three years, LegalShield’s provider law firms have recovered or received more than $75 million for plan members. The amounts are calculated annually by each of the 40 LegalShield provider law firms on actual amounts that its members (clients) receive or recoup as a result of the firms’ legal services, whether from a letter, lawsuit or call made on behalf of members.

“If you have ever said, ‘I want to speak to your supervisor,’ then you need LegalShield,” said Jeff Bell, CEO of LegalShield. “In the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, consumers today have more legal needs than ever, and we solve the challenge of finding a quality, affordable and local lawyer. For 48 years, LegalShield has helped its members stand up against being bullied by neighbors, companies or even the government at a price they can afford, while saving and recovering for them millions. We could not be prouder.”

In 2019, there were 1,762,000 requests for legal services with LegalShield’s network of dedicated law firms across the U.S. and Canada. Baby Boomers (38%) and Generation Xers (33%) led the way with requests for legal assistance, followed by Millennials (19%). The biggest topic of legal concern was “consumer finance” – typically representing consumer debt issues – followed closely by estate planning, traffic violations, family law and landlord tenant disputes. The five states, in order, with the largest number of legal inquiries were California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

As a LegalShield member, consumers and small businesses owners can speak with a local lawyer about any legal issue typically within 4 hours of inquiry. LegalShield’s legal plans provide access to qualified law firms with lawyers averaging 22 years of experience, covering all 50 states and all provinces and territories in Canada. Additionally, through the LegalShield mobile app (available on iOS and Android) there are several free services to help aid consumers and small businesses.

About LegalShield and IDShield

A trailblazer in the democratization of affordable access to legal protection, LegalShield is one of North America’s largest providers of online legal subscription plans covering more than 4.4 million people. Its IDShield identity theft solution for individuals and families has more than one million members. LegalShield and IDShield serve more than 141,000 businesses. In addition, over 40,000 companies offer LegalShield and IDShield plans to their employees as a voluntary benefit. Both legal and identity theft plans start for less than $25 per month. For more information about LegalShield, visit: or for more information about IDShield, visit:



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