Matthew J Phillips Shares How he Closes 4 Figure Clients Weekly with his Coaching / Consulting Business

SOUTH WALES, UK / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2020 / Matthew J Phillips is the creator of the Organic Clients Program. Matthew was born in South Wales, UK. At sixteen, he took his GCSEs and averaged Cs across the board. He even flunked his business exam. After this, he had the option of continuing with school or not.

He decided not, and now he’s closing 4 figure clients weekly for his coaching & consulting business and helping other coaches, consultants and mentors do the same.

In an interview with Matthew a couple of weeks ago, we asked him how he’s achieving it, what effects the current pandemic has had on the coaching industry. Along with where he would like to be in the future.

Here’s the conversation:

What’s your number one tip for coaches looking to close higher-paying clients?

Have an airtight qualifying process. I used to be the guy who would take a call with just about anyone in hopes that I could find a way of getting the close. Due to this, I was always dealing with low-paying clients and timewasters. I now have a pre-qualifying video, questions and guidelines my leads must follow before speaking with me. Not only does this help with closing higher-quality 4 figure clients weekly, but it helps position yours as an authority.

What effect has the pandemic had on the coaching industry?

I believe the biggest effect it’s had is bringing more coaches who still work in-person to online. Especially the older generation, it’s revealed what many in-person coaches thought they couldn’t do online they actually can and it may be more beneficial for them.

What advice do you have for anyone struggling to close clients right now?

My best advice is to master what we like to call the three pillars. Offer creation, lead generation and closing. Make sure you have an offer in place that solve the problems your target market has and is mouth-watering enough that they would spend their last dime on it. Focus on organic lead generation. If you’re struggling to close clients do not try paid advertisements. Win with organic, then move on to paid traffic. As said, previously, to close higher-paying clients make sure you have an airtight-qualifying process in place and a solid framework to use on your sales appointments to guide you to the close.

Has the pandemic impacted your business?

Yes, fortunately in a positive way. It’s opened up the eyes of more coaches, consultants and mentors to put a solid strategy in place to generate consistent streams of leads and clients. This is our speciality. Due to this, we’re gaining more business by the week which allows us to provide greater results to a great number of people and our success stories are proof of that.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Honestly, I don’t have a clear and detailed picture in mind. What I do know is I would like to transform the entire industry by continuing to provide our market with a clear cut path to results, not a wishy-washy course or webinar with a bunch of fluff. I would like to have thousands of life-changing success stories, a wife and children.



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