Brand New Data labeling service platform “Bytebride” launches to better support machine learning industry

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Bytebride, an automated provider for services to collect, manage, and process data sets for machine learning applications, was recently introduced into the AI industry.

It is a self-service platform to manage and monitors the overall data processing, starting in manages the process of outsourcing data collecting and labeling services for organizations and provide convenient toolkits for companies to initiate tasks, manage the data they are receiving, and ensuring the quality of the data meets their requirements.

Bytebridge is backed by many world-class known investment companies, such as KIP, Union Partner, Softbank Global Star Fund, and Ameba Capital.

Compare to other service providers in this industry, Bytebridge has a unique advantage, different from other platforms, which using limited workers to finish multiple tasks at the same time and that would cause problems such as low-efficiency and long-waiting task delivery period to the clients. Bytebridge has come to a better solution, with close to million task partners across the globe, it supports workers in different regions working at the same task at the same time on its platform, which allows works to work on tasks 24hr non-stop, it not only improves the efficiency dramatically but also allows clients to customize their task based on their needs by themselves.

As of now, anyone can use the company’s toolkits for free, companies are only charged once they hit a certain usage threshold, once the free credits run out, companies are only charged based on the volume of data that companies upload and the breadth of services they use.

Currently, Bytebridge has already been working with few tech companies around the globe, helping them to build a machine learning system much faster by their automated data labeling process. With a handful of experiences, Bytebridge is confident they could supply the best product and service to the AI industry.

Empowering data science developers to build a great machine learning product, Bytebridge is designed to build a strong data labeling infrastructure to the machine learning team with powerful automation, collaboration, and developer-friendly features.

“We are well-positioned to fuel the industrialization of machine learning across many sectors, we have a handful experiences in this industry and we understand the pain of developers are facing. Our goal is to relieve AI companies from the burden of machine learning data preparation and management and accelerate the machine learning development cycle, allowing them to build better AI in a shorter time,” said Brian Cheong, the Founder of Bytebridge.

About Bytebridge:

Bytebridge is an automated platform design to accelerate the machine learning process, it aims to power the machine learning industry with high-quality trained data.


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